Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WHAT THE &%^$ ??????

After you read this .... you can scroll down and check out the latest VLOG.... I just put it up... moments ago, after publishing said VLOG, I double clicked to the newspaper with all good intentions of going back to bed to cuddle my dear sweet hubby.... AND THEN I READ THE TORONTO STAR!!!!!
Holy Crap!!!
Let me say how happy I am the Elicia won the 'Maria Show'!!!
Janna was great and will have a big career but Elicia was right for this role.......
She is all young and fresh and not jaded and has a sweet endearing gleam in her eyes that Maria needs.... all this said by a girl who puts 'Sound Of Music'...that's me if you don't know..... on of her least fave show list.... I love talking about myself in the third person.....
But I read in the Star this morning that they had cast some of the other roles... I knew that ... some of my friends have told me that they have been cast.....I read further in blissful ignorance....UNTIL I
see that it says that after a 6 week search to find Canada's Maria.... they have cast AMERICAN Burke Moses as Von Trapp..... and that is according to Richard Ouzounian who's tips are never wrong!!!
What the fuck????
Sorry Auntie Pat but .....WHAT THE FUCK!!!
It seems so.... wrong....do they think we didn't have a leading man strong enough to carry a show with a newbie.... was it Webber.....which it might have been?
What happened here?
Again.... WHAT THE FUCK???
Okay.... you can scroll down to the blog now.....
Oh my lord....I have got alot to say....

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MK Piatkowski said...

It's because the idiots waited until the last minute to cast thus leaving all the great Canadian actors booked. Completely sucks.