Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Scott Freethy's Birthday GRAMMY Party and Fundraiser...THE SUNDAY!!

So, it is Scott Freethy's 35th Birthday TODAY...FEBRUARY 5th
What a dude! 

Here is Scott, recently at the Grand Canyon...breathing it all in....

And in honour of him, his birthday, his amazing journey, his bravery and inspiration his friend, David Connolly, had the fabulous idea to have a big party for him to help him raise funds for his costly continuing cancer treatment. 
AND with Scott's love of chick singers...

...and music in general his idea was to HAVE IT on GRAMMY NIGHT! 
So, there has been a lot of thought, work and good will put into this night. It is next Sunday....and instead of sitting in your trackpants, eating Smart Food (because it is ALMOST diet food, right?) and watching Rihanna roll around in a thong on your own, with NO one to judge it with....right?....put on your OWN Grammy outfit...how often do you get to do that?...and spend a couple of bucks (money that will go to a fabulous place) and watch the show with like minded peeps, watch a cabaret with some fine talent and celebrate the Grammys....they are always better in fine clothes with a drink(s) in your hand(s).
If you don't know Scott...I have been watching his journey through his blog, which deals with his medical challenges (to put it lightly) and shows his true state of mind during his many battles with cancer,  and I have been continually inspired and shaken to the core by his candor and truth. 
This man is living every day like a beast...to the best of his physical ability and sometimes...many times... beyond it.
This year I saw him at all my shows in Toronto and at one in New York and was moved everytime...and thrilled...and, again, inspired.  
Scott has spent a great deal of time, way before he was ever diagnosed, raising money for cancer research through many fundraisers that he put together...and here he is. Let us show him our support.
Here are the ladies who are performing in Sunday...

So, ya...that was me...an I COULD NOT BE MORE excited...and after I saw the video I thought, "Now, I have to come up with something extra special...after an intro like that...not that I wasn't going to...."
I am a mess.
A Mess who is looking forward to Sunday!  
Now if you don't know Scott...he is something else...why not come down and meet this handsome dude on Sunday?

Here is the link to the event and all the info about Scott and his tale.
I will be there! Come on down!!  ALL THE INFO IS AT THE LINK BELOW!!!


David W Connolly said...

AMAZING. Grace. The one and only Sharron Matthews does it again.

alana bridgewater said...

I will be there fo sheezy!

Sharron Matthews said...

ALANA!! How wonderful! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Scott passed away this morning. The heavens have a new bright star tonight.