Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Full Dark Shows!! March 4th and 5th.

So, I have been writing...rewriting...throwing shit out...photo copying...buying music... changing the keys... watching documentaries...reading articles... talking to fellow artists... pouring through my old stuff... and working... working... working.
I am also working on a couple other projects at the same time...so there is a blessed mix of the forward movement of one thing feeding another.
And the whole time I am endeavoring to remain open to all...which is really fucking challenging. 
Sometimes (read: most times) if something doesn't work RIGHT AWAY I am tempted to throw it out...THROW IT OUT!
(You should have been there a couple years ago when I discovered wasn't a patient person...I had lived under this mistaken notion my whole life. Clarity is scary, sometimes. Luckily, someone I didn't really enjoy told me this information so I was loathe to believe it...ah...it got to sink in gradually.)
But there are a couple pieces that will be harder than usual to figure out...and I will be figuring it out with two more (fabulous) musicians...so, a gal must be prepared.
I am lucky enough to be working with 'smiling with disposition of a saint' percussionist Jamie Drake, the 'returning for the fun and games/we traveled the world'   Chris Tsujiuchi and the 'new to the party guitar/mandolin/other instrument playing and ready to do this shit', Jason Chesworth.
I feel excited.
Like Beyonce says...yes, I said, Like Beyonce says...jump out of the boat and swim back...I am sure someone else said it...but I watched that "Life is Like A Dream" HBO special 3 times this week...so far...
GOD, I hope my idea for something I put together about her works the eff out. I want to be her...and at the same time cannot believe her. TOO MUCH.
First full band rehearsal on Thursday.
What will happen!?  

Here is the link to the Facebook Event Page!

Here is a link to the online ticket purchase page at Buddies.

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