Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Scott Freethy - Rest in Peace, Sir.

I had a really fit full sleep last night.
I can't be so filled with hubris as to think that Scott Freethy's spirit passing by my house might be the reason why...I should be so lucky. 
God, I hope it was.
I truly met Scott at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton in 2011. 
I was doing my solo show in the studio and he (along with my George and many other talented people) were doing Buddy in the big theatre.
I say 'truly met' because I know I met him in passing before that...but this was the time it stuck.
And, please, do not get me wrong...I did not know Scott extremely well...but I knew him and he and his indelible spirit have left an imprint on my heart...and many others. 
Many lucky others.
During my studio show at Aquarius back in 2011,  every night, the back door of the theatre would silently open and close and I would know that Scott had come to watch my show.  
14 times he snuck in ever so quietly.
If anyone can watch me do the same thing over and over 14 times...well, god bless them.
He was always there for the ending...which was 'Don't Stop Believin'"...which, incidentally, I had covered way before that GLEE show...just want to be clear...and in this I am filled with enough hubris to think Scott might agree with my choice to place a joking truth here.
Before I truly knew him, I knew he was doing a monthly cabaret called, "Scott and the City" across town at the Bread And Circus. I never got a chance to see it myself but I was always glad when any cabaret/variety got done in the city...and secretly a bit curious/jealous...come on...let's be I would check out the event on the facebook and see that there was wonderful entertainment being handed out to the masses.
I ran into him one day on the street after he was telling people that he had been diagnosed with cancer. He told me that he had found out about it during Buddy...and that he had come and sat at the back of the theatre through "Don't Stop Believin'" and tried to do just that...Lord.
His fight had begun.
And, I don't know about any of you, but I have never seen anyone fight harder. 
If you don't know him at was really something to behold.
I have never seen anyone with a stronger will to live.
He had a bucket list...and he relentlessly, joyously and sometimes, scarily, crossed the events off one at a time. 
He wrote an amazing journal of his struggles and triumphs with cancer on CaringBridge which he invited me to read...I felt honoured to share in his thoughts...his pain...his ideas...his discoveries...the ins and outs of treatment and, well...just basically, his journey...what a personal and precious thing to be allowed to be a part of...and this was one of my fave things he said...

"You see I kind of have this theory that something in motion is much harder to stop than something standing still.  So although I am aware of my bodies limitations, and that I need to be very careful, there is a definite fear that if I stop or don't get something done, or don't get out there and make what I need happen, I won't get another chance." 
- March 16th, 2013

He talked about everything...travels...procedures...the bitter losing and regaining of hope... and his friends... with a humour,  brutal honesty and breath that I found astounding.
I had the honour of performing in a benefit for him... aptly titled "Freethypalooza"....and the people who came out... lord, there must have been 200-300 people packed into this room...there was singing...dancing...and joy....

And Scott, himself, sang like a bird that night...a bird I tells ya...


My fave time with Scott...well..I have two faves...the first was the night he, came to my show in NYC. He had just finished some brutal treatment, he was hair free, exhausted and got his ass on a fricken plane to NYC...met Ricky Martin...and other fancy people and came to see my show...he told me he was filled with the euphoria of having escaped the hospital once again...and you could see that joy on his fair radiated off of him.
My show in NY that September ended up being not the best venue and FAR from the easiest was a bit of a cluster fuck, really...and before the show I was complaining and bitching about it all and George turned to me and said, "Scott Freethy made it to New York City...he is out there...who gives a shit about anything else... just remember that he is there."
I looked at his smiling and joyous self all the night long... what a fabu night we had...truly one of my faves of my whole tour last year...

That night in NY ALL these awesome people were there....

Scott titled this shot, "Sharron and the Girls!" Loves.
And the last time I spent with him was in the company of Michael Hughes (mutally, Michael and Scott decided that their most excellent friendship, which included a great deal of snark, would continue on with the snarkiness regardless of how sick he got ...hysterical) and Scott's pal, Danny Bulhoes from the west coast. 

We went to the opening night of 'Fiddler on the Roof' at Stage West...we pigged out...laughed and talked about bull crap...and nary a mention was made of sick. 
It was just a cool, awesome normal night.

Again, even though I was not a close confidant of Scott's, I found myself gutted today when I got the text from George that he had passed away.
In his last post...a post that was hard to read and was weighed down with the bitter truth of where he was in his life journey...he said that he had done everything on his bucket list.
And my heart was full and cracked a bit at the same time.
Can you imagine?
Scott Freethy lived and loved.
He performed and traveled.
He shone and flew.
He struggled and wept.
He railed and yelled.
He had dear friends and family.
He lived lived lived more than most people do in 60 years.
And he has moved on to the next great adventure. 

"I have always believed people talk to much and do to little.  So I hope that I am living what I say, and being some type of enforcement for everyone to wake up, let go of the negative, and make sure that you are living life to its fullest, and with as much joy as possible.  That you are putting love, and yourself, and your family and friends and your animals, and your dreams far ahead of work, or stress, or fear, or games, or people that try and steal your fire.  You will never get a chance to be here again, so if you woke up today, then it is a good day.  That is really the only thing you need to remember.  Stop talking, and start doing.  There are so many things to live for.  And we are so so lucky."

"I still stand by the fact that I am completely in love with my life, and am probably happier than I've ever been.  Strange but true.  I have no words for the support and love, and as I have made every effort to stay calm and just be as honest and alive as I can be, so much of the drama, and the people that brought it have seemed to remove themselves, which has made it so much easier on everyone who is going through this with me.  My days are filled with so much love that even I feel that this isn't real. "
Scott Freethy

RIP Scott Freethy, all the best on your journey...wherever it may take you, sir.


Unknown said...

well said! :(

Unknown said...

Well written! just perfect like him. :(

Vince J Ciarlo said...

Thank you Sharron for sharing your memories of Scott. How ironic that I saw you perform because of Scott, at his birthday palooza, and we became twitter friends. Is that what we can call each other? Like you, I was shocked to learn of Scott's passing and I will miss him terribly. We knew each other for just a few short years and share some special moments together. I'm glad you shared what you did. I've spent the entire day trying to focus on my work, after I cried from the shock. For now we only have good memories until we meet him for a special edition performance of Scott and the City where he will once again wow us with his arrangement of Don't Stop Believin.

Sharron Matthews said...

From your mouth to the goddesses ears, Vince. Peace to you, sir.

Unknown said...

He was a beautiful soul and his heart and talents will never be forgotten.

Greg George said...

You Make a Grown Man Cry, oh Divine One...