Wednesday, June 12, 2013

LIVE FROM THE VAULT!! NO LIE!!! AND Those Effing Kardashians...

So, I am gonna make this short and sweets, peeps.
It IS not that I am a liar, like those BIG producers....all saying "ONE MORE WEEK OF SHOWS ADDED"...or "ANOTHER BLOCK OF TICKETS ON SALE"...or "MUST CLOSE BY EASTER"...or some such fucking thing...
I am not one of those people...I swear.
But after my last big musical theatre show at the Pubaret it was my intention to go into the the vault...which I did...I am there right now...with that effing Sleeping-Effing-Beauty..and ain't as pretty as you would think, people....and then this happened...

Whilst chatting with Mulan and that horrible Cinderella (Two Words: Mean Girl) I heard a knock, knock, was Maggie Cassella from the Flying Beaver Pubaret. 
The following conversation comes from "The Vault" transcipt:
MAGGIE: “SHARRON!!! Remember that AWESOME acoustic show you did earlier this year? Well, would you do it ONE MORE TIME!?!?! Just you and that excellent guitar player? It was all ‘Alanis’ but awesomer!!!...would ya?” 

ME: “But I am in the vault. You can’t just walk out of the Vault...people don’t trust you...they think your advertising is all those big mega musicals telling you ‘ONE MORE WEEK ADDED’, no...I gotta stay in the vault. Sorry, but Thanks.” 

MAGGIE: “But it is PRIDE...and people have asked...and you love the guitar...and I know you probably sell out...and I will bring cake.” 

ME: “Pride? Sell out? Guitar...AND Cake?...we don’t have cake in the Vault...I am with all these friggen princesses and they ALL have food issues...well, um...maybe...but I have to be LIVE FROM THE VAULT. Just to be honest and all...I will do new songs...and old songs...with just guitar...played by Jason Chesworth...and I will tell secrets....and then THAT IS IT!! I am BACK IN THE VAULT! Writing! Creating...and stuff like that. SO THIS IS IT!! 

MAGGIE: “See you on the 28th!” 

So, honestly, I will perform my last show at the Flying Beaver THIS YEAR on June 28th.
I loved doing that one show I did with just guitar...and I loved it so much that I will do one more...and then I really have to slam the door to the vault...I got some 'gathering' and 'building' and 'writing' shit to do.
An acoustic set featuring songs by Ryan Adams, Blue October, Joni Mitchell, P!nk and many many more....accompanied by the AWESOME Jason Chesworth on guitar.
It promises be a night to remember... 

And in honour of that night...
OH! You can get tickets for the June 28th gig here.... 

Tickets $20 in advance; $25 at the door
Available at The Pubaret™ or online at

Dinner available before, during, and after the show.
Dinner patrons get priority seating

For dinner rezzos e-mail or call 647.347.6567

AND in honour of the upcoming show...I wanted to put up the opening Songologue from my GOLD show last year...featuring THOSE EFFING Kardashians...with some Superstardom and Hardwork added the tune of Justin Timberlake, GAGA and Sheila E!!!

Come on out...and we will have fun times, my friends...before the VAULT door gets hyperlocked for a super long time. 
For reals.

Here is a link to the Facebook Event...just FYI!!!  



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