Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear Seth MacFarlane, You Are A Douche. Signed, Sharron

So, when I woke up this morning I thought I might be in better humour about Seth MacFarlane's jab at Adele last night during his awesome (opposite day...there has never been a host with less impact..and I would feel this way even if I didn't think he was a douche) hosting of the Oscars.
But I was not.
Let us go back a bit...because after I posted something about this (and I use the next word, loosely...very loosely) 'joke' last night people were confused about the reference...the "joke" happened right after Adele sang 'Skyfall' with a huge orchestra but was before she WON the Oscar for best is what Seth Macfarlane said:

"Rex Reed will be out here to review Adele's performance of 'Skyfall'."

So, a couple of weeks ago Melissa McCarthy came out with a movie called "Identity Theft" co starring Jason Bateman...and Rex Reed reviewed the movie, calling McCarthy "tractor sized" and a "female hippo"... and many other horrible things.
I guess he didn't like the movie.
I believe he could have stopped with 'I didn't like the movie'.
Here is the link to the review. 
It is quite vicious and mean all round.   

There was a predictable backlash.
I guess people who are a different size offend him...deeply.
Well, too fucking bad.
Anyhow...I was happy for Melissa McCarthy when the whole thing died down...because she awesome...she is talented... and she is the very first... the VERY FIRST caucasian plus sized (I wish we could come up with a better term for this...or even better NOT have to say it at all) woman who has been truly celebrated on the big screen and accepted as someone who can sell a movie and be on top of the cast list. This may be an unpopular observation...and indeed you may not agree...but from a gal who reads movie breakdowns and is put forward and auditioning for certain parts...our world seems to accept and embrace large sized Latin ladies...and African-American ladies...and other ladies of varied backgrounds...but has never...never been to ready to embrace Caucasian large size women on the big screen.
There was, of course, the girl they named  "Fat Amy" in Pitch Perfect.
Oh, wait, they named her "Fat Amy"...
Yes, I know there is Kathy Bates...and, um...Kathy Bates...but Melissa is younger and fresher...and hipper... and more in line with the Tina Fey's and the Kristen Wigg's of the business...a comedy role model for so many funny funny ladies out there.
Melissa McCarthy took one for the team from that fucker Rex Reed.
I could talk about this forever...if you have read this blog before you know how I feel...there are Phillip Seymour Hoffman's and Paul Giamatti's and John Goodman's and Brian Cox's and Alec Baldwin's and Timothy Spaldings...and then Kathy Bates.
(I am sure you will all think of one million examples here...but, please remember, this is simply my point of views.)
I wish there was more opportunity for bigger really feels like it might be happening...but it will be harder with the push back of people like Rex Reed. 
And people like Seth MacFarlane.
Look at  Adele.

SO beautiful last night, right?
An amazing song writer... a wonderfully humorous speaker... a celebrated artist... a gorgeous singer... and she is fucking 24 years old. 
Lord and Taylor.
She has achieved much.
And, last night, just after she sings...just after...Seth MacFarlane makes this joke...let me refresh your memory so as you don't have to scroll back...  

"Rex Reed will be out here to review Adele's performance of 'Skyfall'." 

Gold Stealer.
A billion person audience having Gold Stealer.
There is no reason to have made that joke if she wasn't a big woman.
One of the last taboos.
I can't believe it is still okay, as it were, to say something like this...and to have it be funny.
What a way to reduce a woman to nothing.
And THAT is literally what is happening.
Women...talented women...are disappearing.
They are turning into...nothing...Size 0.
A size where you don't actually exist is what women are trying to attain. 
Women like Kerry Washington and, now, Jennifer Lawrence are turning into skeletons...all those girls from "Girls"...who were lauded for being so real came back for their second season all skinny...(see here...there has been a lot of chat about it...)

As we all struggle down the road with weight issues, body issues, and self confidence it is a horrible to witness the continued bashing and controlling of women's bodies, and therefore, our minds.
It is just.... 
Let us not let this continue.
And let me be perfectly clear, I am all for good health and healthy bodies...I am not trying to tell people what to be...or to feel bad about changing their habits, their minds and/or their bodies.
I have fought this fight my whole life and continue to..and not just the battle of body...but the battle of self confidence and esteem based on my size.
I will not let douchie men ( and women) who cannot accept me the way I am...who cannot see past THEIR judgement of my outsides (whether I am big or small) to see really see me...decide my worth and trumpet it to the world without rebuttle.
I would like to close with another of MacFarlane's choice statements from last night.
"For those of you who gave themselves a 'flu' a few weeks ago to 'get there'...way to go! Looking good."


Meesh said...

hmmm... I saw the first comment as a dig at Rex Reed more so than Adele, and an attempt to be topical (as that had just happened recently) and the "Hollywood flu" comment as more of a dig at the ridiculous Hollywood standards.

FYI I fucking ADORE both Adele and Melissa (the outtake reel over the credits of This is 40 will make you puke you laugh so hard)

oh, and I have an ass the size of PEI, so I am particularly sensitive to size judgment.

Sharron Matthews said...

He would not have made it all if she wasn't a large woman. So, why bring it up is like pointing at something and saying, "This isn't funny it?"...I just think it was totally wrong...and addresses something that was totally a non issue in the show till that moment...
To not say anything would have been more powerful...and would have helped more.
BUT AGAIN! These are just my thoughts...and I honour yours.
AND I have always thought you are one of the most gorgeous ladies I know. No shitting.
S xo

Meesh said...

Oh, I totally agree. It wouldn't have "worked" anywhere else in the show, unless some chunky dude was up there performing. And oddly enough, it would have gotten a bigger laugh probably, because making fun of the larger man is even more accepted than the larger woman. (lesser of two evils of course)

It was opportunistic "humour" at best. (not necessarily funny at all)

The same could be said for most of the "jokes" last night, or during any awards show event. (you wouldn't think of making a Jewish joke anywhere/time else, but during awards season it's open season because everyone in Hollywood is in on the Jewish agent/lawyer joke)

It's that balancing act between edgy and boring. I tend to err on the side of edgy...

And lord knows it was probably Bruce-larger than Adele & Melissa combined-Villanch who actually wrote the damn line in the first place.

I'm pretty sure at some point they offended every ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, demographic last night. (as do most hosts)
Not that it makes it right.
It just is what it is.
I was actually surprised there weren't more groan/gasp moments actually.

I think the most offensive thing was that the show it self suffered desperately on the production end of things. Awful pacing, disjointed production numbers, missed camera cues, horrible sound, horrible lighting.

With the exception of the Jaws play off, which made me laugh my ass off. (and again, received a mix of "that was horrible and insensitive" comments to politically incorrect folks like me that immediately tried to figure out a way to incorporate in their real life)

I too honour your thoughts beautiful lady!

Sharron Matthews said...

Good points all.

MeltingLisa said...

Yes yes yes ..... YES

mimi said...

Can't believe you used a similee that refers to our beautiful island ... PEI!! Yeah we are famous, now come visit our Island, summer's around the corner!

Rachel said...

"As we all struggle down the road with weight issues, body issues, and self confidence it is a horrible to witness the continued bashing and controlling of women's bodies, and therefore, our minds."

YES. This is it. This desperate search for size zero keeps women distracted. It keeps out minds focused solely on the mirror (and not in an inspirational way like MJ, but more like, "gonna make a change ON THE SCALE" - ffffuuuuuu).

And if a woman's driving sense of disappointment and shame is mostly directed inwards - towards the body, the shell - then perhaps she is not as much focused on creating change outwards - in the world, in society.

And our gender is rewarded for this. (re: "that eating disorder that you had to look good for this awards ceremony? Good job.")

What Seth participated in with tuneful glee was not some edgy kind of comedy. He just regurgitated (no pun intended) the same message we've always been hearing: achieve what you want, ladies, but in the end you're still just a pair of tits.

And that WOULD be funny if women weren't still, you know, making 80 cents to every male dollar.

Clare said...

This. is. amazing. I'm late seeing it, but it's so good, thank you.

Sharron Matthews said...

:) :) :)

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