Saturday, March 02, 2013

Beyonce and Me.

You have GOT to love a good title for an article...

Nicely played Jeremy...nicely played.

 With a lovely picture taken by the fantastic Mike Bickerton.

I love me some Fab Magazine. They have always been very supportive of my work. Drew, you rock the shiz.

Day 2 of rehearsal. Because Rhubarb is in full swing this week at Buddies had the gents and I had to go offsite and we rehearsed at the Rehearsal Factory at Bathurst and Richmond.
It is teeming with rock dudes...excellent rock dudes who say awesome things like this for example...

Rock Dude at front desk: "That will be 60 bones, pretty lady..."
Me: " you mean dollars..." (really NOT sure what bones was...not trying to be an ass)
Rock Dude: " the way...I love your sound...what was the song...that um...went like (he sings it)...?"
Me: "Uh...THAT is the Spice Girls."
Rock Dude: "Fuck the fuck off...really....(not without a great deal of guilt and shame)...I kinda liked it."


I would like to thank the FB community, especially James Smith and Lisa Michelle, for pointing me to Rehearsal was awesome and inexpensive...and lots of equipment was provided!! THANKS!!!
I wondered what the rock dudes across the way thought was going on in my many songs...I am sure it is one of the first times the sounds of Rihanna have rung out in there...but I COULD be wrong
Before I made it to rehearsal I found a Now Magazine in the snowy/rainy morning and ALSO I wanna thank Glenn Sumi and Jon Kaplan for pickin' my show in the Now this week...

I am really digging this process...really.
I feel giddy and blessed and almost too afraid to say it out case it evaporates. 
But that is just my issues...
Both the second and third days of rehearsal (back at Buddies) were awesome... writing changes... songs added... songs figured out (for now)... things that I have decided to try in front of an audience to see how they it changes what the piece is...mostly I have spent the last week fighting with myself to NOT memorize the whole thing as is and put on a cocktail dress and some hair pieces and lipstick...and do a proper show.
I am dying to hide my nerves and fear of trying something new behind the polish of it all. 
I am truly VERY excited about all of it...I really am...I have added a couple of "previously loved and worn" pieces because I wanted to revisit them and rediscover...or because they fit the theme and I had the chance to work it properly at the Edfringe or on tour... and I never got the chance to do it again.
And there are 3 new of pieces that I am quite nervous about and I have been working them and rewriting...I KNOW people have done workshops before...and I am not the first one...I know...I know...but this has never been my process.
AND it is a bit scary, people.
So, during this whole process I have been obsessed with Beyonce and her latest HBO special....documentary, "Life Is But A Dream".
Now, I love Bey.
I have not seen her in concert...I do not own all of her albums...I don't know a lot about her except that she is an excellent singer and that she broke the hell out of a girl that she was the lead in and her father ran and made sure she got all of the promo for...but still!
I have seen her on many award shows and videos...and have thought...she is beautiful and awesome...and lucky. 
She has a video out right now in which she asks God why she was so lucky ...really...don't believe me?

So, it seems she ALWAYS has her computer and has captured her whole adult life on video (which, eff you judgers, I admire...I do...that takes some focus and some doing) and she shows a lot of it in this documentary. Some of it is when she sings all of 'Listen' from Dreamgirls in the back of a limo to a track on her computer... fuck she can sing. Some of the footage is cringe worthy...of could it not be? when she says, "I am gonna go listen to "Make Love To Me" (one of HER songs) and go make love to my husband."
Um...maybe you could skip the 'listening to your own song' part and just go and do it with Jay Z...huh?
But luck is one thing...having a father who pushed and pushed you to the limit is another... AND working your fucking ass off is another thing...and she has had and done all three, I think. I mean, I am not there with her (OH MY GOD, I WISH I WAS!!!!) and you can change the tone of anything on vid...but she works hard...and she knows her truth...and she is not afraid to ask for what she needs and wants. 
And she is 31 years old.
I rehearse... I write... and whenever I have lunch I watch the Beyonce documentary. If I am alone here at home eating dinner...I watch the Beyonce documentary. If I am having a block...I watch the Beyonce documentary.
I have watched it...and I am not embarrassed to say it...or maybe I am...a bit...about 12 times...not all at once people. This whole process of this workshop has been woven in with the Beyonce documentary...which is either terrifying or awesome...or a bit of both. 
I am an obsessive beast.
The thing I really that she believes...she believes in her herself...she has goals and she meets them...and she is not afraid to try something new...she thrives...and loves it...or so it seems...but I am gonna go with it!
I AM GONNA BE BEYONCE THIS WEEK...I mean...not really...just her essence.
I am excited about the shows on Monday and Tuesday. I hope you come, if you can...COME ON DOWN!!! Have a drink and be in the house...who knows what is gonna happen!?!? 
I mean, I basically know WHAT is gonna happen...but life is funny when shit is spontaneous!!

They have been moving fast in the last two days!!! 

AND A BIT SHOUT OUT TO the band...Cooch (Chris Tsujiuchi), Jamie Drake and Jason is a pleasure to work with them...AND we have come up with a name... 

So, I decided to record the Bey would do... :)... as a record for myself of where I began and where I am gonna get to... and for anyone who is interested to follow along.
(There is a vid of the first day earlier in the blog)
Here is a vid of our last rehearsal day...check it out!!

Oh, and for shits and giggles...check this screen grab was sent to me by Kritty Uranowski and is her pals FB the responses...hysterical.
Kidman wishes...



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