Sunday, March 03, 2013

Dear Joan Rivers and David Letterman, The Douchie-ness Continues. YOU also suck, Signed, Sharron

When I saw the original video of Joan Rivers making HORRIBLE HORRIBLE comments about Adele on David Letterman I was still so winded from the criticism, disbelief...the people telling me I was over reacting...people commenting that I was filled with rage...and some of the other negative responses I received from my blog about Seth Macfarlane and Rex Reed's Adele bashing....that I could not even bring myself to address the old time, catskills lower than low ATTEMPT at humour that woman...a woman who has spent years and innumerable dollars with plastic surgery turning her face into something I can't even explain without resorting to her kind of 'humour' in the process...I watched the footage and had to walk away from my computer.
I thought, "Have we gone back in a time machine?"
And I had many other thoughts...but I didn't say them...well, as I am feeling now...shame on me.
I didn't say anything.
And then I saw includes the original Letterman footage at the top.


Well, good on you, Adam Hill.
You used your forum for good not evil.
Unlike David Letterman...who I have been watching and enjoying with my husband for many, many years...his reaction was very disappointing.
I just had a chat online about how it is too bad that Hill resorted to insulting Rivers...but, from my honest heart, the insults would be hard not to hurl if I was standing in front of her...turning the other cheek can be very hard sometimes.
I think that Joan Rivers...who's "Don Rickles" style of hurtful humour...grabbing onto the most obvious thing that makes a person different...has never been funny...I have never enjoyed her...but this was the limit.
You totally suck, Joan Rivers. 
And I think that Letterman sitting there smiling his uncomfortable smile and shamedly laughing alongside her makes him equally as culpable.
When you smile and nod beside any bad or hurtful behaviour you are allowing it.
You are.
I think that the only way to stop this type of hate...and to make sure people like Rivers don't have a forum to comment on others is to speak up.
I wish I had said something earlier.


essdee1959 said...

I totally agree! Three cheers for Adam Hill.

Rachel said...

This makes me raaaageeee (Rachel otherwise known as RAGEL). Not your blog, obviously, but the body-shaming bullsh*t that saturates our media. Dudes, we need ALLIES in front of the camera, but enemies.
Can we just stop with the hate-ons and get some heart-ons going? HEART-ONS (say it outloud).

Sharron Matthews said...