Sunday, March 10, 2013

Suit and Tie, SHIT TIE!?!? And a bunch of GOOD LOOKING ARTISTS ON The Happening TOMORROW NIGHT!!

I was so eager to see Justin Timberlake on the SNL last night. I was all beside myself waiting for him to start!!
Now, here is my "Suit and Tie"(in which he did the same performance that he did at the Grammys...not gonna lie... a bit disappointed...) does he actually say "Shit Tie"...and if so... why? Can anyone tell me why?? Why is his tie Shit? And what does it have to do with anything?
Just wondering. 
It has been bugging me...maybe one of you peeps have the info! 
Pop Songs are confusing.
You know what I love?
When Justin does Variety!!!
Don't you LOVE variety?
Look no further people.
One of my fave things to do on tour was appear in variety shows...I found myself on the bill with African jazz trios, hula hoop masters, tap dancers, comedians, ex-political figures who had become monologuists, ladies who used their boobs to tell stories, Full casts of musicals, puppet acts, clowns, many excellent artists. I loved mixing with them beforehand and then watching their work...and forming new connections. 
And then I would go an see their full shows and vice versa.   
Even though I spent only 15 minutes with some some of these artists I still have a connection with a good deal of them from all over the world.
I learned so much and enjoyed these people.
OH, Variety shows!!
So, when I began to plan how I would start my residency at Buddies this was one of the first things I wanted to tackle.
A variety show featuring artists from as many different disciplines as possible. We are starting with clown, cabaret, music and poetry...all storytelling!!
I want this to build and build...and also be a forum for anyone who has the stones to come and put their name in the bucket and be drawn for the wild card slots!
There are two 10 minutes slots, people!!!!
Bring your own accompanist, Wild Carders!!
So, I will be hosting tomorrow night, accompanied on the keys by the fantastic Chris Tsujiuchi...but who will you see...what a good looking group of sons of bitches they ARE!!!

Oh Miranda!
I worked with her at the Global Cabaret Festival and fell in artistic love! And this lady has toured all over the world! Currently she is a member of Great Lake Swimmers and Belle Starr and is in the middle of recording a solo album with multi-instrumentalist/producer Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek). She makes select appearances in the violin show, 'Bowfire' and has sung and played fiddle with Jim Cuddy, Steven Page, Alan Doyle, Chantal Kreviazuk, Dan Mangan, John Borra, The Rattlesnake Choir and Justin Rutledge, among others. Not limited to band performances, Miranda has appeared in various theatre productions including the Dora winning production of 'Parfumerie' with Soulpepper Theatre in Toronto.

Oh My.
And then, just back from receiving his Bistro Award for his debut cabaret in NYC...a night at which he performed alongside the likes of Alec Mapa, Maurice Hines and Lainie Kazan..we have cabaret artist, Michael Hughes.
He took his hit solo show, Mickey and Judy, to Edinburgh and New York in 2012 to critical and commercial acclaim.
"One of Toronto's most gifted male Musical Theatre performers" - Toronto Star

"Keep your eye on Hughes, who's got star quality written all over him" - NOW Magazine

Oh my, my.

And a girl I have been watching since I saw her in a Pop Class at Sheridan College a number a years ago...that day I said to her...and I remember this as clear as anything, "Whatever you are selling I am buying...make a CD...plan a show... I am buying!!" And now, she is an acclaimed performance/slam poet, who is traveling to Vancouver later this year to compete in "Verses," a Nation-Wide competition featuring 40 poets from across Canada.
Oh, Emilee Nimetz, I dig you!!

MY. My. MY!!

And last, but by no means, no least I have been in negotiations to work with this group for a while...I saw them in Europe...and I could not wait to see them again...they are a Scandinavian Super Group, people...they last performed at Buddies in Bad Times many years ago at the wonderful, Cheap Queers. Tomorrow night, they will be performing from their upcoming album, Dead Raccoons. 
When I saw them in Europe, I was standing glued to a wall, from the sweat and the sheer amount of people... and I heard someone exclaim, "They are like sex, new car smell and" and then they passed out.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, K-AMP.

SO, with all this would assume the ticket price would be out of this world...right?
Pay What You Can, bitches.
I said it!
I JUST fucking passed out!
And, do you have a story burning inside you? Musical, physical, mental...come and put your name in the brave, is too short to not participate!!!  
Let us build and build.
Pass this shit on!
Monday March 11th (TOMORROW,PEOPLE!!)
Buddies in Bad Times @ 12 Alexander Street
8:00pm THE Show BEGINS!!!
THE HAPPENING: An Evening of Mad Variety
And if you have something that you would like to do on a future show, message me on the ole Facebook!
I want all types of artists!!

I mean...what ARE you doing on a Monday night won't regret it...  

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