Thursday, March 07, 2013

I Am Mr. Brightside. PLUS a JUICY announcement!

What an amazing two nights it was, my friends...oh my lord...we were nicely packed out with fantastic audience many new people and loyal long time supporters to help me start out this 3 year journey on a fabu note.
No heels (sorry, Thom...I know you just passed out)...I DID have lipstick, though...we weren't in a barn, for lord's sake...just my book of songs and stories...and my fabulous band, Shugah....featuring Jamie Drake, Jason Chesworth and Chris Tsujiuchi.
Simplicity is freeing, my peeps. 
The part that gave me the most joy was that I knew and believed that the storytelling would be lifted by having two more band members...and it really was...the sounds and themes they added just boosted the realization of the concepts that I came to them with...and Jason and Jamie's talents with their instruments adding to the already fabulous Cooch who knows me and my work so well...well, what a dynamic time we had...we accomplished great feats in a short amount of rehearsal time.
9 hours total.
There were two new Songologues...very involved they were too, my most ambitious to date...and 3 new mashes...and I was happy with all...some of the writing needs to be modified...I will watch the tapes of the shows...lord help me...after I have had a couple of days to breathe and see what is what...and get back to what worked and what didn't...and what needs help.
There were so many surprises...something that I almost cut went over as one of the best parts of the nights...and I found so many moments and inspirations in front of this audience...there were opinions...there always is...that is what happens when you put it out there...some popular and some not...but all were heard with an open heart...I swear....really... :)
I will put up an VLOG overview of the night for all who give a poop...but nothing in it's fullest because I will probably use these in later shows...a taste is good but you can't give it ALL away for free...we aren't in a barn, for lord's sake. (?)
But here is the encore from the Tuesday...featuring one of my fave of the songs I performed back in my Sharron's Party days... this song connected me with the passion to keep realizing my pop-music-loving, rock-star- wanting-to-be-even-though-I-was-over-thirty dreams...
to listen to the lyrics and tell the story...
anyhow...this song is simple...and that is why I love get it...


Are you sitting there in front of your computer with your special storytelling talent... writing your song, crafting your story, practicing your magic act, your comedy...are you an artist in TORONTO!?!?
I wanna meet you!
I wanna see you!!
I am launching a new endevour THIS MONDAY MARCH 11th as part of my residency at Buddies (did you ever fucking think you would hear or see that word one million times?).
This event is called The Happening.
It is an evening of mad variety, people....MAD!!!
Now, I am gonna get super fancy and stuff...
I want to create a place and a space for artists of all disciplines to meet and exchange ideas...and see new ones.
I want to go out and find artists who tell stories in different ways and bring them onto this show!!
I believe that all experiencing many different kinds of storytellers makes us all better artists, day to day peeps and opens everyone's eyes to even bigger creation.
Cabaret can be, and is classified in many countries as, variety.
Let us rock off the roof with awesomeness!!!
Let me break it down...
4 curated acts....
On Monday the 11th you will experience...

Michael Hughes (Internationl Award Winning Cabaret Artist)
K-AMP (Scandinavian Super Group)
Miranda Mulholland ( World Touring Killer Fiddler and Singer)
Emiliee Nimetz (Uber Awesome Slam Poet)

AND to add to the you-never-know-what-will-happen AND the everyone-can-get-their-chance factor of the evening... there will be a bucket at the front of the stage and if you have 10 minutes (NO MORE THAN TEN!!! YOU WILL BE TIMED!!!) you wanna showcase...PUT YOUR NAME in the bucket...there are TWO.... count 'em... TWO wild card slots in the night and if you are singing or need accompaniment you need to bring your own...we gotta keep this night going!!!
How exciting!!
And this night of entertainment...feast of what?
If you want advance tickets they are $10 and you can call 416.975.8555 or go online to:
Poster, please...
Holy shit.
What will happen!?!?!

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