Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Happening HAPPENED people...and this is where you can see all the amazing artists.

WHAT WHAT WHAT an amazing first night!!
An EMBARRASSMENT of talent on that stage at Buddies and a very brave and hysterically talented 'wild card' performer.
Slam Poet
Fiddler and Singer
Cabaret Artist
Scandinavian Super Group
It was a killer night... 
Thanks to these artists and all who came out and for those interested here is where these artists are working it out in the next month or so...and there was much interest!

Emilee Nimetz

I love this girl.
She has a fundraiser TONIGHT (Tuesday, March 12th) for her trip to the 'Verses' poetry competition in Vancouver... which, if she wins, will send her to a competition in Paris...France, People.
Grapefruit Moon @ 9:00pm
Follow Emilee on twitter and instagram: @emileenimetz
Do yourself a favour and go out and see this girl, she is mad talented.

Miranda Mulholland 

Yes, I did her placard at the VERY last minute and was VERY focused on the 'mulholland' part...Miranra...lord...she was an awesome sport about it!
SHE was is sexy awesome...it is like listening to a very hot lady angel singing and playing her fiddle...and she was accompanied by the extremely talented Justin Rutledge. 
AND she has a residency this month of March at the Cameron House every Tuesday from 6-8...GO Go GO!!
You can follow her on Twitter: @miramulholland 
and her website is: www.mirandamulholland.com

Michael Hughes 

Michael Hughes, fresh off the plane from receiving his Bistro Award in NYC! What a storyteller...golden voiced and SO funny!!
We eagerly await his next gig announcement!
Until then you can find him on twitter and instagram: @mickehughes 
and his website is: www.mickehughes.com

THEN our first walk up/ wild card performer is one of my fave ladies...

Kritty Uranowski
She sauntered up to the piano and made us laugh and love her talent!!
So awesome...so smart!
And she sang a song called 'Ghost Cat'...how can you go wrong.... 
Kritty sings with the band, Patti Cake...and they are hoppin' this month...

Patti Cake's twitter:

Patti Cake will be playing
Canadian Music Week @ The Velvet Underground
March 22
The Silver Dollar Room
April 12

And Kritty will be guesting with Me, Sharron, on March 29th at the Flying Beaver Pubaret.

And then there was the one of a kind band, all the way from Scandinavia...


They were like ghosts in motion...so I could not get a focused picture of them....eerie...and they killed the place...take a look, thanks to Kritty who was so moved she captured a couple seconds of them on her VINE app.
They do not have a website
They do not have twitter account
They do no care...they are too awesome.

And thank to Chris Tsujiuchi, as usual, for the accompaniment of Michael Hughes and myself...
It was a singular night...to start the whole event...everyone was abuzz about all the different amazing acts in on place...I was thrilled!!!
Next "The Happening" is on May 12th.
Send me your suggestions for awesome, diverse, shocking, hysterical, moving and wonderful acts!!


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