Saturday, June 29, 2013

What a friggen week in TORONTO THEATRE!! Hurray!

Lord and Taylor.
What a friggen week.
A week for celebrations, congratulations, libations, bump-and-grindations... (I know this is not a word...but I love it.)
I came in from my little country house on Monday and it did not stop till last night, people.
I had a thoroughly grand week in Toronto theatre...and how PROUD I am to be a part of this diverse community.
Jacoba at TAPA called about a month ago and asked if I would participate in the Dora Awards this year...with Thom Allison, Louise Pitre, Rick Miller, Jian Ghomeshi and wonderful hosts Naomi Snieckus and Matt Barum...on a song written by Chris Earle and Waylen Miki...

Well, yesssss...
Since I am usually working and traveling with just myself and an accompanist,  I really miss seeing and working big groups of artists, crew and stage, I always look forward to the chance to do this without having to put on a costume, hurty shoes and wig for weeks on end.
What a night!!
My fave Dora's ever!!

Me, my honey and Ellie RAY!!!

After the big opening...which went swimmingly...

Rick Miller and I went to the bar.
(I mean, there were 48 awards to be awarded...we just got through the opening number without well and truly fucking it up...and we never get to we went...we were presenting but it would not be forever...well...the night went fast, people...)
Then I had the joy of presenting, with my Thom, my dear dear friend Bruce Dow with a Dora for his stand out performance in the gaga musical...what a panic!!
What a night!    
WE danced and drank...and ate hot dogs...and laughed...again, and what what what a night!!!

Vikki Anderson, Gavin Crawford, Micah Barnes, Thom Allison, Joe Matheson, Georgie, myself and Louise Pitre.
My two fave theatre companies YPT and Buddies in Bad Times took home a slew of awards...I was so happy for all!
Then I got to switch gears and work at Buddies for two nights with some fantastic actors and creators...Damien Atkins, Keith Cole, Gavin Crawford, Paul Charbonneau, Roney Lewis, Sebastien Hein, Adama Ruggiero and Salvatore Antonio...

...on the last two's creation of Truth of Dare: A Satire. We acted out one of the most holy or holys... Madonna's 1990 documentary on her Blond Ambition tour...there was gogo dancing...voguing...and bottle deep throating...what a wonderful idea...again, I laughed, I danced, I sang...I sweated...I wore a tank top...

My pal Sasha and I...getting ready to VOGUE like mutherfuckers....

And then...with feet swollen from dancing on my wedgy heels for two nights in a row I went off to rehearse yesterday for my last Pubaret show of 2013...with Jason Chesworth on harmonica, bass uke and guitar...and, late edition and surprise guester, Jamie Drake on percussion!! Two of my fave dudes, pals AND players...and we had a mere hour and a half rehearsal...30 minutes in the Pubaret basement because poor Jason got stuck in the highway floods from Stratford...and, on the edge of glory and casualness pulled off one of my fave shows one my fave rooms around...for one of the loveliest audiences I have yet to meet...

Jamie Drake, myself and Jason Chesworth and the pubaret!
Then...Last night, during the show and after...I had some deep is so easy to focus on the negative...on the people who criticize and judge...but there are so many people out there who are supporting and lifting us up...every small and large ways...people like Maggie Cassella who owns and operates the Flying Beaver Pubaret...who gave me one of the loveliest intros I have ever received, last night...and who is programming cabaret and comedy almost every night of the week on Parliament Street because she believes...and my pal Peter Phoa, who supports what I do so much that he brings almost an entire audience to my show every time...and Nada Ristich, from BMO who came to my show last night and has given this independent performer a donation every year since the World Domination Tour in 2010 and will continue this year with a weep inducing donation for my new show...Grant Ramsay who has supported, publicized (since day one), and along with his partner, Tim Hughes have traveled ALL OVER the world to see me do my thang...the handsome Andy Parks who has done every poster and flyer from here to kingdom come...and my dear dear husband...who deserves a medal for dealing with me...I am a bit of a case...and he just is...lord...I don't know what I would do.
There are so many people who support the stuff I do...and I am so very thankful. None of the tickets bought, donations made or kind words are ever lost on me.
I know...I seems like I am making an award speech...I just find myself so thankful right now...after participating in many different kinds of performance this week, and connecting with so many in the community...what a wonderful group.
And with that feeling I go into the Vault.
I am going to announce some exciting projects in the next couple weeks...really thrilling...but count this gal off into the summer sun...lordy...but true.
I am taking a bit of time to eff off.
Thanks for the awesome week, TO!!
Happy Pride!!

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