Monday, July 01, 2013

The Arts Were (and are) Everything. Thanks to Barb Fisher for the inspiration. xo

Facebook can be inspiring...ya...I said it...eff you, judgers.
Today, I logged on to spread and receive some Canada Day cheer...and I saw this...

Teresa, Me, Barb, Lori, Lucy, Scott (backrow) Leslie, Steve, Dan (frontrow)

It (and many more featured here) was put up by the lovely Barb Fisher.
That picture is from 1813...just after the big war.
Truly...this is a group of people who changed my life...forever.
I have said this same phrase twice in the last hour about two different things...and at the risk of being all over-the-top-arty it is true as hell on both counts.
When I was in highschool in Hamilton back in 1980something, I loved the yearly musical... like loved it. Felt it. Knew it. Hugged it. Kissed it. Wanted to do it forever.
But how does a gal in Hamilton do that?
Then there was a new summer company called New Faces.
I auditioned and got in. 
I sang "Maybe" from Annie for eff's sake.
There were 20 of us...working and learning all about theatre at Hamilton Place in the mid 80's. 
All young...all loved the arts.
We put on three shows...The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof and Godspell...I played Gilmer...I cried like a baby when that summer was over.
The theatre part was amazing...but these guys...they made me feel like I fit in. I had some wonderful pals in highschool, do not get me wrong...but I didn't know other people who loved the theatre as much as I did...who wanted to go and be an adult and still be in theatre.
They helped build my self esteem and continue on with my dreams.
The arts are so important for young people...and so is spending time with other young artists.
Thanks to Barb so much for the pictures and the continued inspiration.
Oh...and I also met this special guy there...there he is...just behind Barb...and he is 18 years old (not the dude who play Emile)...
See? Life changing...
(Barb...I love this shot!!!)

George, Barb and the dude who played Emile in South Pacific.

Lori, Scott and must have been my birthday or my Mom's trailer.

Me and the dear Steve Carubba in the Hamilton Place dressing rooms...

Speaking of South Pacific...CROP TOP.

(My fave part of looking at all these pictures is that all have expressed that we wish we were that thin again...AND WE ALL THOUGHT WE WERE FAT!!! Fucking life. Life is...everything...the arts were...and are...everything.)

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