Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Full Dark PART DEUX and a very exciting announcement!

Bonjour To All Of You Out There In Internet Land,
I know, I have gone all bilingual!
It is kooka!!
So, here we are half way through the summer of 2013 and instead of jetting off for Scotland I am doing my second workshop for my new piece, Full Dark.
Idle hands, people.
The first workshop back in March went extremely well, oh I learned so much...had a lot of fun...loved working with Cooch, Jamie and Jason...had some great feed back...had some people writing me with their thoughts and bits...interestings...I love me a workshop!
AND because it all went so well...I have an exciting announcement! 
I have just signed up with Sheridan College, my alma mater...yes, I said 'alma mater' ...fancy, right?...and Sheridan is going to put Full Dark up for the first time in November!
There will be an open door policy with the students during rehearsal, a couple of cabaret master classes (Loves) and a 10 show run, with band, set and lights...lord...true fanciness.
I am excited beyond words that Sheridan is taking the initiative to involve alumni to bring their works  into  the school and inviting to students to be a part of the process...we all can learn from each other, I think.

So, I am sitting up in Stratford...working away...watching the Beyonce documentary one million times (for research purposes, people)...reading and rereading Grimms' Fairy Tales...going to the dark side...becoming afraid of the dark side a bit...cleaning my bathroom...going back to the dark side...looking at footage from the last workshop...judging my choices...watching it again...seeing the truth...scrolling through lists and lists of music... looking back into my childhood...my nightmares... emptying the dishwasher... getting excited... thinking I am the worst writer ever...then becoming empowered...and so it goes...

I can't wait for the Workshop Show!!
You wanna come and see?
ALL NEW PIECES...songologues, stories and songs!!!
All this material will be different from the last workshop!  
I got a show to fill...with music by Fleetwood Mac, Usher, Beyonce, Jessie J, Prince, the Guess Who and so many more artists that I have not even written in yet!!
I have a new bunch of musical artist who I will be working with on this phase of the show:
Steve Thomas as band leader, arranger and on keys...
Mike Doherty, flying in from out east, on drums..
Matt Marcoccia on guitar.
Amazing dudes ALL!!
Enough of that! Right?
Come on down

Sharron Matthews : Full Dark PART DEUX
August 17th and 18th at Tallulah'sCabaret in Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, PEOPLE!!

Here is link to the Buddies FULL DARK  Page...you can get tickets HERE!!!


I got donations from some amazing people and organizations to help me move the process along so I am ready for November!
Thanks to all these wonderful donors!

Full Dark is being created with the support of:

BMO Financial Group

Joan Mathers
The John McKellar Charitable Foundation
The Ontario Arts Council
Sheridan College

And Buddies in Bad Times Artist Residency Program where I am an Artist in Residence.

Workshop Performance March 2013 OVERVIEW

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Use Somebody/Mr. Brightside:

Second Rehearsal:

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