Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rob Ford for High School President, NOT the end of summer and the BackDora Awards !

So...a couple of thoughts and ideas that have been passing through my mind this fine mornin' on the porch with George and these guys...

Number 1.
Why is everything "Oh, summer is almost over!" and "Get your kid's pens and pencils and skinny jeans...which are hopefully ALMOST out of" and "Wow, I have had a good summer." and "Look all our fall lines are in!"???
It is July-effing-24th in Ontario...and everywhere else, I presume...unless you are on another the Buddhist Calendar...which, incidentally, George's IPHONE changed itself to...and he can't figure out how to fix it.
There is STILL almost an effing month left of the summer of 2013. The summer that EVERYONE in my part of Canada lived through 18 months of winter to get to.
If you have already had your time off...your time at the cottage...your family break or what not...don't piss on everyone's parade...some people waited till the last week of August to go away to Wasaga Beach!! 
This, incidentally, would be the time of year I would pack up my woolies and go to Edinburgh...the land of beauty and art but where no one gets to wear open toed shoes more that twice a 'summer' I am having a good ole Ontario July and August....and I am going to draw it out like Rob Ford's stay in office, bitches!!!
And what...OH YA....MORE BEACH!!!

Number 2. 
And speaking of that butthead,  Rob Ford...he is talking about building a special stadium for the Argo football team. I wrote about this on twitter yesterday, but I think it bears another mention.
Is the Argo team truly such a powerhouse money maker for Toronto that it is screaming for it's own BAJILLION dollar stadium...that the Mayor's office should invest time and thought into...and probably city money to investigate the feasibility it happening. REALLY!?!?
Between the friggen "Red Paint For Idiots & People Who Pretend They Can't Read Signs Parking and Traffic Ticket Campaign" (It is a long title...but it was approved by the Mayor's office I think...I'm pretty sure...) and the BILLION dollar THREE STOP Subway...I didn't even know it was THREE FRIGGEN STOPS... when I found that out I almost passed out...AND all the city contracts he has given his family and friends...I have had an epiphany about his Mayorship.
Rob Ford is running the Mayor's Office how someone running for high school president proposes to run the student council....PIZZA DAY EVERYDAY!!! LONGER SPARES!! SHORTEN THE GIRLS SKIRTS!!!
THEN it all made sense.

Number 3. 
I had the pleasure of attending the "BackDora Awards" at Statlers on Monday. It was an award show put together by the hard working Jeni Walls, ( @jeni_walls on twitter) who packs Statlers every Monday night from 10:00pm to 1:00pm, with her event called SINGular amazing open mic night.
Jeni had attended the Dora Awards for Toronto theatre this year and decided that the mainstay group of singers, players, cabaret artists and patrons who supported her event every week for the last few years deserved to dress up and have some recongnition.
The "BackDora Awards" were born.
What a lovely evening.
One gent who won an audience support award said, "I have come here every week to watch everyone sing...and it has changed my life...the people and the songs alike..." ( I may have paraphrased a bit here...but you get the gist.). 
So many lovely performers and hard workers...these guys are out in the trenches creating their own work...making their own futures. Collaborating with each other and supporting each other's  work day in day out. 
May I say here that plying your trade in the clubs for almost no cash, creating, writing and arranging your own shows, becoming as multi-disciplined as possible, while holding another job or two, guesting late, late at night on as many variety nights as possible for about 10 audience members is fucking fucking fucking hard.
And, if you can manage it, incredibly effing rewarding. 
And I admire and am inspired by all who do it.

SO!!! Go out people!! Go out to the wonderful Maggie Cassella's FLYING BEAVER PUBARET on Parliament any night of the week... ...and see her varied and awesome list or artists...go to SINGular Sensation and see a BUNCH of different performers work it out...and all the other wonderful clubs around Toronto NOT because I tell you to...and NOT only because you want to support the arts...but because the performers are AWESOME, hardworking and brave...if you happen to see a clunker, chalk it up to adventure and keep going. There are A LOT of amazing artists out there!!!



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Messed Up Mind of Matt McLean said...

Was a pleasure to see you at the BackDora's. I think it's awesome what Jenni has done and it has changed my life in so many ways.
And if only we could find a way to impeach our mayor life would be peachy.