Sunday, July 14, 2013

I love the beach.

I love the beach.
Love love love.
AND For the last few years it has been diffucult to get there...with all the touring and non-beach type climates...but one of my fave things at the EdFringe last year was when our PR lady invited us to the beach near her home. We were tired and at the end of a long day...I was carrying my gold dress along in the wardrobe bag...the team all still had their work shirts on (with a big picture of my face on the front) and we took a couple of cabs to Portabello Beach,  just out side of Edinburgh on the North Sea...and a truly amazing day ensued.

It is one of my fave memories of the EdFringe 2012.

The beach is one of my fave memories from growing up as well.
I know I am not alone in this...and it is no surprise...but the beach is my happy place.
I don't know how my mom did it, because after my dad died she had 4 kids to raise on a very very modest salary...but for about 5 years in a row she took us to a beach bungalow right on Wasaga Beach...and I remember it like it was Canada's Wonderland, Disney World, Disney LAND, and Awesome Town all rolled into one.
(Awesome Town is a truly is.)
We were happy at the beach.
There were chips at the beach.
My mom was all ours (and not working 7 days a week) at the beach.
My sister almost liked me at the beach.
My grama came and played on the beach.
My older sister would drive up from Hamilton and hang out with us at the beach.
We would go on rides at the beach.
You could walk out into the water for miles at Wasaga Beach.
I would get french fries with gravy at the beach.
I wore my fave bikinis at the beach.
Sometimes I would get to bring a friend to the beach.
Life was truly special at the beach.

That is my sister, Kim (with the hand floatie aroung her head) her best friend at the beach whose name I cannot recall and myself in my fave Kardashian style bathing suit...with the mid section cut out. 
Whenever I think of the beach I think of the upper right hand picture.
I could stay in the water for hours.

When George came home yesterday from Toronto he found me sitting on the porch in my fave bathing suit cover and straw hat...waiting...waiting to be taken to the beach...and he jumped on board with the last minute idea right away...even though I know his hip hurts...he was so excited to take me there. You see, I had had a couple of shit days...and he knows it will always make me feel better...we jumped in the car...went to the Giant Tiger and purchased new beach towels...rode down highway 7 with the sun roof open, we bought some fried chicken and had a cooler full of booze that you are not supposed to drink of the sand...for some reason...why can't we drink at the beach? As George said, it is all we truly want to do there besides swim and eat chicken. 

And when we finally got there it was perfect.
I like to go at the end of the day when everyone is leaving. 
We swam into the sun...and then watched it go down.

The beach is my happy place.
That is all.

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