Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So, I gave some 12 years olds the bird.

So, after a beauty day during which I had the pleasure of seeing that little shit Justin Bieber piss into a mop bucket while his bored body guard watches and his sycophant pals egg him on (and spend his money, I am sure...yes, I watched it...because I could not truly believe that little crapper could be such a douche)...AND heard the news that Elizabeth Hasselbeck is finally leaving The View and lending her brain power to the mothership of high class and highly researched (opposite day) programing, Fox and Friends...I felt myself on the road to an A1 rant...but what to rant about, Sharron?...and then I remembered...there was a blog I still had yet to write.

A couple of weeks ago I happened upon this tumblr...where people who are large go and publish a story and a picture about a person who has "shamed" them or made them feel less than...or just been plain fucking rude...go and give it a look and them come back and we can continue.... 

I was not sure how I felt about it...mostly, it made me exhausted...and sad.
Anyone who knows me at all will know that I find people who think they can just comment on a person's size, appearance, food choice, or life in general with out being prompted, being plain-and-simple rude, ABHORRENT.

No justification required.

But this tumblr page confused my emotions and brain...I felt unsure. I don't think it is a good thing...nor am I sure it is bad.
It just 'is'...and I guess if it makes someone... who was just out in the world trying to rock their day and got that day shot down by a ignorant effer... feel better then HUZZAH!
BUT I think it is the spirit of shame other people... that brings me down a bit.  
"Two wrongs" and  all that, I guess.
Again...I have participated in pointing out such bad behavior on this blog...but there is something about taking a picture of the person...MAYBE it is just me, people...

And when I was looking for the tumblr today to post here...I happened on this little gem...

This Miller is a guest professor at NYU, from New Mexico laying down the law...and here is article about him in the Huffington Post is ALSO too exhausting to recount off you go...come on back...I have not even gotten to the good part yet....

What a dbag.

Anyhow, I was looking all of these things up because...

I was having a swim at the local pool on Friday in the slow lane (where I like to do my laps and such...and make stink eye at some of ladies who loiter there) and I was sharing the lane with a gentleman.
This gentleman happened to be very large.
(I would not say the above if it did not pertain to the story.) 

At the end of the pool there is a viewing window...that happens to be attached to the play room where the day camp kids are having their lunch. 

I find this to be shitty planning...but I digress.

One by one, five young boys (12ish) made their way to the window...and the gentleman who was swimming in front of me caught their eye...and they began to point and laugh and puff out their cheeks...and I know this gent saw them...because he quickly put down his head and turned around.

I quietly indicated to the life guard that she could maybe get them away from the window for pity's sake...where was their effing councilor?

They were ushered away and came back to the window about six or seven times...seriously...and this dude was just trying to go about his business...but their manner...their plain-and-simple rude barnyard behavior infuriated me. (It was really off the charts.)

So, when the dude reached the end of the pool and turned away from their laughter and passed me I got to the end of the pool and stood up in front of them and gave them the all the finger.

You could have knocked them all over with a feather...they just all stood there looking at me with open mouths.  

And then I went back to swimming. 

 I don't feel bad about them the bird giving for one second.
AND I am sure I am gonna get some emails and comments.

Could you imagine if they were making fun of someone's race?
Why is this different?

And, please don't tell me I taught them to give the finger or that I taught them that giving the finger is acceptable.
I think these youngsters:

A: Know what "the finger"  is...
B: And probably give it a lot.

I guess sometimes two wrongs do make a right.

COME to think of it...those boys are about the same age as young Stratfordian Justin Bieber when he got started...just think with the right guidance and hard work where they can go...