Sunday, August 04, 2013

Writing is Hard. Yoda. Fleetwood Mac. Crapping Pants. So many things...

Yes, I still go old school "paper" sometimes...

Writing something new is hard.
"Yes, Sharron cry us a river, you are saying..."...especially anyone who is a writer... and everyone else as well...
I have been at my computer alongside my IPAD with my big old school earphones plugged in for a week and a bit now.
And it has been a great challenge.
I gave myself the goal of writing a whole new slew of material and NOT bringing back anything from any of the other shows I have done...which, is a big challenge...
BEFORE: When I did Sharron's Party I wrote a new sonoglogue every month...worked it and memorized it before the show...and put together at least 2 new mashups, as well.
I was always happy when I didn't fuck it all up.
After 3 years I had a ton of material... true that most of it needed work and refining. BUT I had this wonderful base of stories and songs that I have been drawing from for the last 5 years...
NOW: All THAT material is on my bookshelf and in my my "Joan River's Joke Files", as it were... for my corporate shows, touring shows and other appearances...and I am thankful for it very thankful... and everytime I get to do any of that stuff I learn something new. That was a great lot of work and a great deal of learning getting the excellent chances to run it and run it again in Scotland, London, New York, Africa, BC, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and all over many many wonderful audience members...
NEW: Now I am working on my second workshop of Full Dark.
AND a gal wants to grow...
I have some really good pieces from the first workshop to use... which is most excellent. Use them,  I that Yoda says.
BUT this I said before, my goal was to write all new use new challenge myself and to get myself lost...and find the things that are scary to think about...that give me pause to say out loud...that are painful and uncomfortable to remember...and other things that simply make me think...and it has been an experience so far, to be sure.
I started with the unspoken pressure inside my head to do my best work ever. EVER!!!
Well, that sure as shit does not work.
I stared things... judged them... walked away... started again... judged them...I want to write things differently...sure that is how I would have said it before...but how should you say it now?? HUH!!?!?? lord... what a circle.
Then one day I turned to George and said, "maybe I should just 'work' and let it all sort itself out in the wash...just 'work'...just write...".
He agreed.
He is good that way.
Simple I know...but we are all so fucking judgie of our stuff.
So, I wrote and configured songs in and under tales...and rewrote...and I tomorrow I go to Steve Thomas' house and we will start.
(Craps pants.)
I still have a week before the whole new band get together...a whole new group of musicians!!
Steve Thomas (we all know Steve...Panto MD, Drayton MD, Aquarius MD...composer...and one of my long time friends) on keys and leading the band...and taking a break from being musical director at Theatre New Brunswick Mike Doherty, East Coast Music Award winner, producer and sound designer on drums and the young and fabulous Matt Marcoccia, who is  Tsujiuchi's number one guy on guitar.
How wonderful to have a whole new perspective all around.
(Still craps pants a bit...)  
I still have time to write and write and rewrite...
My mind is full of Fleetwood Mac, Evanesence, Grimms' Fairy Tales, Usher, Keith Urban, BE-fucking-YONCE, Jefferson Starship, Hole, Billy Joel, Jessie J, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, my old therapist, girls being sexy...kissing...boys who think they are hot...and more...and things that are scary...
What WILL HAPPEN!?!?!?

This is what my day looks like...

So, what are you doing on August 17th and 18th?
I would love to have you come down and see what WILL HAPPEN!!!
What fun we will have...I bought a tight dress from SIREN for $20 to

Workshop Performance

August 17th and 18th 
Tallulah's Cabaret at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Get You Tickets HERE!!

or call 416.975.8555 
I would love to see you!

(Craps Pants)

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