Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Green Acres, WORLD STAGE and R-E-B-E-C-C-A.

This week I have made my way into the big city.
Just so we are clear...sometimes I imagine that I am the Gabor sister (I can never remember which one) in Green Acres...sitting in the country...covered in diamonds and furs...and then I wake up and I am in my sweats on a residential street...and the truth sets in. (Also, if you are too young to know what I mean about Green Acres...Google the shit out of it.)

Fur and a Pig...who could ask for anything more?
I came into TO for two reasons...well, to stay with my honey who is starting rehearsal for "Fiddler on the Roof" at Stage West...George is playing 'Tevye'...and I cannot wait to see him in the show...which begins previews on February 14th. He understudied Brent Carver at the Stratford Festival in the legendary Susan Schulman production of Fiddler back in 2001. I went to see his understudy run back then...and he was amazing. Again, I can't wait to see him...get your tickets now...the wonderful Gabi Epstein is in it...and the fabulous Erig Craig...just to name a few people. GO!

Get your tickets here, people!

Second: Tina Rasmussen, the Artistic Director of World Stage invited a group of people she named "Social Media Influencers" to her home...her home! (And who doesn't like to be mentioned as an influencer of anything...except for maybe porn...but I may stand corrected. :) ) She intro'd the 2013 season to person...while we tweeted. It is a FABULOUS idea. First of all, I was the oldest person there...and I was glad I have invested in an need to be mocked by this techno savvy group of young people. Tina is someone I have long admired for her passion in her work, the theatre and the theatre community in TO. Getting the chance to hear her speak about her season and seeing excerpts from the pieces projected on her condo living room wall was a rare treat. The season looks spectacular...I am especially interested in "She She Pop and Their Fathers: Testament" from Germany and "Still Standing You" from Belgium and Portugal. To be absolutely honest, the whole season looks wonderful. Sidebar: Tina also made pulled pork and veggie chili....and there was a keg of beer. The hashtag was #theatrekegger ...and we trended, bitches. I have never felt so hip and/or geekie at the same time...and I loved it. I did.

Here is a link to their season!!!

And lastly, but not came in to see my dear friend Sara Farb do a production workshop of a show she has been working on for many years. About 5 years ago, at the Paprika Festival, Sara did a short showing of "R-E-B-E-C-C-A". It was something, really. Based on the life of her sister, Sara has gone inside and endeavored to see it is like in the body and mind of a young woman, who is autistic and on her way to sexual maturity. Now, five years later, after Sara has finished her University degree, rewritten the show a number of times, found a sound scape and a set and is working with dramaturg and director Richard Greenblatt, "R-E-B-E-C-C-A" the show is also meeting its maturity. FANCY WORDS, I know...but true true true.
There are two more nights of this production workshop...including tonight. I urge you to GO! This will be in a season someday soon...go and see this awesome work in progress.

So many great things in Toronto.
I love me my town...though I live in Green Acres...I am here in my clarify, there is no room in my heart for that BOOB Rob Ford.   


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MK Piatkowski said...

Hey, I thought we established you were not the oldest one there!

And do you notice it's us old folgies who have blogged about it? What does that say?