Thursday, January 17, 2013

What if? VIRAL, PEOPLE. And not the gross kind.

So, I was sitting here this aft wanting to promote my dear friend Douglas Price,  because he just did the loveliest chart of one of my favourite songs ever...but you can't put MP3's on social least I have not figured it out yet...and THEN I thought (Please take into account here that I have worked out twice today and had 2 Diet Cokes) well, what if I made a video for Youtube...of that song...SMARTS!
About seven years ago (Don't worry...this won't go on too long) I heard this song and was inspired...inspired to sing it in a whole different way. When I did my first (and, as of yet, only) album it was one of the first songs I recorded. I have sung it hundreds of times since all over the lovely is that...and one of my fave times was a night I did it a capella in the Berkeley rehearsal space at Canadian Stage...another was on the stage of the Taj Hotel in Cape Town the last night of my 2012 tour.
I made the album, Party Girl, a while ago...I sell it at concerts and cabarets. It is all gently and lovingly reused covers...most I have done for years...some I have rearranged since the recording..and a couple songs I have never sung again...but I love the recording.
Today, after I did the video of this song...I thought...all I have ever wanted was for something to go viral...because I am an independent artist and have focused solely on my live show I have never promoted this album...what if...what if...this could go viral?
Remember, this is 2013, the Year of Possibilities !
Follow along a crazy, Canadian, caffeinated road with me...
What if people listen...and pass it on...and it goes viral...and someone from "So You Think You Can Dance" hears it and puts it on their show? I would crap my pants.... (Dream bigger, Matthews)
OR what if someone like Steven Soderberg Roberts...or, wait a minute...that Judd Apatow (who is most awesome)   hears it and thinks...I am gonna use that in one of my movies. WAIT!!! I AM GONNA USE HER... gently and lovingly...and in a movie...and not in a dirty way...unless the pay is good and then we will all make sure it is tasteful....
2013...the Year of Possibilities...
And then FINALLY Jian Ghomeshi gets my album...listens...digs it...finds it kitchy...or something and FINALLY puts me on his radio show....FINALLY.... Huh...
2013...the Year of Possibilities.
Life is too short to not try shit like this. TOO SHORT.
Pass it on! 
Let us see what happens....

The Album "Sharron Matthews Party Girl " is Available on ITUNES.
Also, it would be silly to not mention that I have my first solo show since July next Friday January 25th at The Flying Beaver Pubaret.
Get Your Tickets Here:   

P.S. It is NOW my new goal...and because I am a woman I can change my have this song play on Grey's Anatomy...laugh if you will...but dreams do come true....bitches. 

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