Monday, January 14, 2013

The Wizard of Oz. I went to opening last night...

So, George and I got dressed up at 1:00pm in the afternoon and went to the opening night/afternoon of "Wizard of Oz". And I would just like to say here that putting on red lipstick before 4:00pm makes me feel a bit like a hooker. 
Just sayin'.
I was excited to see this show because there are so many good friends in it and so many wonderful students who I taught at Sheridan College.
The audience was packed with fancy people...there was nowhere to turn that the eye didn't catch someone who you thought..."I know they are on a Canadian TV show...I just don't know which one it is..."
How much more Canadian can you get, huh?
Jian Ghomeshi was there...Brent Carver was there...that dude from Dragon's Den was vocal doctor, Dr. Hands was there (ME Always: Please don't tell me I have nodes. HE Always: You don't have nodes, Sharron.) and, FYI,  he had never seen the movie or a stage version of Wizard...WHAT!? many people I looked at and thought, "Lord, why do I have to see them here?" many people who looked at me and thought, "Lord, why do I have to see her here.
It goes both ways, my friends...we know it does.
The lights went down (our seats could NOT have been better) and it anyone who does not like to read reviews or references to other reviews, stop here...just stop...
Now, I am going state something that seems obvious...but it is not a truth that is often uttered aloud...
We theatre people, no matter what we might say or think of ourselves...are hard ass judgers. 
We just comes easy...don't YOU deny it...we may not say it out loud...but we are thinking it...
The first couple of reviews that came out last night, after the curtain had barely hit the stage, shocked me a bit...I was saddened and wished for more support for an entire Canadian cast...BUT I know you gotta review the way you feel about the show...AND this is why I decided I wanted to say something...
Anyway....I LOVED IT!!! LOVED IT!!   
I was taken away on a ride...and having done the show myself I didn't think that would happen.
I loved the graphics that they use in the place of painted
I LOVED the costume design, including all the hair and wigs.
I thought the orchestra was one of the best I have ever heard on a big show! Shout out to Franklin Brasz for making 12 pieces sound like 30. The overture was stunning!
I even liked some of Webber's new music!
I thought Danielle Wade was lovely...quite reminiscent of Judy Garland...but not an impersonation, people...just a hint of her voice and pluck. She sang the right holy crap out of "Rainbow".
The cast was wonderful...OH, and Franklin Brasz hit the jackpot again AGAIN with  some of the tightest harmony singing I have heard in a long while...the ensemble was amazing!! They were one of my fave parts of the show!
SO tight! 
That is a Madeline Paul tight kinda ensemble! She is working them like a part time job and it shows! Way to go!
HERE ARE SOME Shouts to my AWESOME Sheridan College we go...I am gonna name them...because they are young and talented...and deserve a shout out! I was so proud: Sam DiDuiseppe, Anthony MacPerson, Julia McLellan and Ally Workman! Way to go, peeps.
The entire ensemble was fabulous, do not get me wrong...but these young people...I watched them on their first day of this amazing. amazing.
Yes...there were some things that weren't my fave...but the good far outweighed the not as good...and it was like old times...all those Canadians onstage...singing and dancing...Larry Mannell centre stage dancing in a green wig? 
Priceless, my friends.
And then a fabu party with 'make your own' Sheppard's Pie and Ruby Slipper Champagne...Thom Allison bought a gift for beautiful someone who didn't show up...and after he carried it around all night, he gave it to me. 
I mean, really.
It was a wonderful night...I knew we had to drive back to Stratford...but I was having such a good time...and so I hid from my husband for an hour...having fun...making pie...talking to Scott Freethy, Erika Peck, Micah Barnes, AJ Bridel (one of the finalists from Over the Rainbow), Louise Pitre, Blythe Wilson, Lisa Atkinson, Mike Jackson (SO GOOD IN THE SHOW!!!), Jamie McKnight (ALSO SO GOOD IN THE SHOW!!!), Charlotte Moore and her beautiful family(ALSO ALSO SO wonderful in the show!)...just to name a many much hiding from George! In the end, after he caught me, he understood. 
Well, I do like a party.
And here is something fun that came out of last night...I met, AJ Bridel...she came to the show with Louise...and Louise said, "You should have this girl on your show."...and when Louise suggests something...
So, at my "Fun and Casual" show in January 25th I am going to feature AJ of the three finalists on 'Over the Rainbow".
She was all sass...and an audience favourite!
She is a lovely young lady...and she has got a bright future!
I really loved her on the show...but don't take my word for it...(She was one of the only ones who sang AND danced on the show...)...and after this performance Thom Allison threw his shoe at the good way, people....

So good, right?
So, get your tickets and come on out to my show ( a week and a half away!) on  January is the link to online tickets...

And here is the FB event page for all the info...

So...basically...I loved Wizard of Oz...go and see it!
AJ Bridel and I will be mixing it up on January 25th...come and see us!
Oh the fun to be had!

P.S. I ran into my Hero-Defriender TWICE last night...once when I was having a coffee near the theatre (they beat a hasty retreat)...and once when they had to sit directly behind me at the show...right behind my huge hair...karma is funny...   


Heather Bambrick said...

Great seeing you last night, Lady. I agree with you completely. Sad to read some of the reviews this morning. I truly enjoyed the show ... I like being "entertained" ... and I was at this show.

Sharron Matthews said...

Right, Heather!! Thanks for posting!