Thursday, January 03, 2013

A shout out for submissions and a few thoughts....

The third day of 2013 and I am STILL not a millionaire...motherfucker.
Anyhow...OH! I saw this on FACEBOOK today...and, as you might imagine,  it resonated with me...(fancy)...

Oh and just so we are clear...I will be recycling one more FACEBOOK joke because I am slutty that way...
And here it is...
I was just pondering yesterday...I wonder if January 2nd is the busiest day of a TV and Theatrical agents year...every effing actor calling in and saying, "So, what is going on..." 
I try. 
Oh, we are a sad lot.
And one more thing...I was wondering, as I weaved home two blocks on New Year's Eve in my black down jacket,...does EVERYONE think they are super hysterical when they have had half a bottle of REALLY cheap Pinot?   
AND does everyone HATE that effing daughter on 'Homeland'?
OH! And when watching three seasons of 'Damages', while alternately watching two seasons of 'Homeland' do you see people sitting in parked cars and think that they are survelling you...and is that a word? AND when you watch a marathon of 'Criminal Minds' do YOU think that everyone is trying to serial kill you.
AND have you surmised in this moment that I really like TV? Are you judging me and thinking that I watch too much?
I OBJECT!!! (I also threw in a couple seasons of "Good Wife" on my flights back and forth to Africa last year.)
COME ON! It was the HOLIDAYS, people!!! It is the one time that a gal can sit back and watch endless streams of TV and move from bed to couch...etc.
ON another note...I am on the look out for interesting acts for " The Happening"... comedians, magicians, contortionists, monologuists, singer/songwriters and any and all kinds of storytellers...maybe you wanna try something new? Maybe you want to try a new collaboration? Daring? Naughty? ALL acts are welcome! I would love to try and come out and see you BUT emails submissions (Youtube, Vimeo...etc) are welcome! Do you play the banjo with your feet while kniting the Canadian Flag? PERFECT? 
Send/email me your info and your submission (as it were...)
AND, because there are a limited number of performance slots you can always show up to Buddies in Bad Times on the night (admission is PAY WHAT YOU CAN on March 11th or May 12th to start) and put your name in the basket....and if it is picked you have 8-10 minutes to show your stuff (bring your own accompanist). 
How exciting...I saw a drunk magician/comedian once who blew us away and ended with the punch line and final reveal of the joke tatooed on his ass! Awesome. What have you got?
I wanna see it!
(15 minutes later STILL not a millionaire....fucking fuck.)

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