Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mean Girls Musical, 50 Shades of Treadmill, ROB FORD and Eight is Enough.

It is Tuesday.
I woke up in a hotel room in Mississauga.
Things are funny in this ole world.
In the last couple of day these are things that struck me as...well, if not funny...they just plain struck me...some of these are rejoked from Twitter...because I have heard that your Twitter feed relevance is 20 minutes...what the fuck? Time moves too fucking fast to NOT rejoke...or at least make a play at rejoking...and hoping for a pity laugh...

1. I was in the gym on the effing treadmill...I turned my head and watched a girl 3 treadmills from me walking and reading '50 Shades of Grey'. Jesus Wept. 

2. The same gym visit there was a girl who I assumed was a stripper...due to spray tan, working out in booty shorts and wearing sneakers with a bit of a wedge...and she turned to me in the change room...after a couple of minutes of not being able to figure out HOW to get out of her workout boob top...and she turned to me and said, "Uh, I have no boobs now...lord...I have lost so much weight...I have no boobs..." as she clutched her B cups which where encased in a black lacy bra...FOR WORKING OUT. I could think of absolutely NOTHING to say. Which you know, for me...is something.

3.  Don't those people on the Golden Globes and SAG awards who take themselves so seriously know that they are 10 years from being treated with all of the reverence of the cast of "Three's Company" or "Eight is Enough" or "St Elsewhere"? We are are all two jobs from wearing a Banana Suit and handing our flyers, people...save your money and enjoy the success NOW...because why? Life is funny. (This last post may be a bit dark but I just watched E True Hollywood Story and I am feeling a bit melancholy. Poor cast of "Different Strokes".)

4. Rob Ford. What. The. Fuck. 

5. I am so effing excited about Kathleen Wynne becoming the Ontario Liberal Party leader...woman! Out Lesbian! With all this I need to learn her politics!! And here is my fave pic of the last two days...Rob Ford and she were so happy to meet at a dinner a couple of nights ago...he was just saying how excited he was to meet her....

 6. They are making a 'Mean Girls' musical. Huh. I got all excited and wondered if I could even be considered for my part of Joan the Secretary...

Yes, me with brown hair...I dyed it then...

...but then I realized that it is a stage musical...not a movie musical and if I even had the good luck to be considered I would have to do the part 8 shows a week. 8 shows, people. "Mean Girls"....the gift that has kept on giving...no one in Edinburgh gave a toss about most of my credits but would freak about "Mean Girls"...so we slogged it like a 2 dollar whore. In honour of the "Mean Girls" musical I post a link to a funny bit I saw on Tumblr this morn...Les Mean Girls... 


ADDED: The wonderful Grant Ramsay also passed on this article today! 


7. I am never giving up on getting this or one of my tunes on 'Grey's Anatomy'...sometimes you have to play the long game people...and I have said in the past, dominating the world one person at a time is EXHAUSTING and you have to be patient...so, here is my youtube vid of the cover on my CD of "Stop in the Name of Love....give it a listen on the rainy Tuesday (in Toronto...who knows what the weather is like where you are?) and if you like pass it on! Who knows what will happen!!?!???


With THAT I wish you good DAY!


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