Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holy Busy!! Webshows, Parties, Benifits, Cancellation of big jobs.....

Hello...look at me ... writing... not filming...not emailing....not phoning....just writing....
I woke this morn with thoughts already running....and when I tried to turn over and go back to sleep my effing shoulder muscle made it's pain well known....I got up.
The workouts are killer in my 'Sharron's Fitness Quest!' program at the Berkeley Gym.... I talk about that .... and other things that I find to interest me and get in my craw in my latest webshow
Sharron's Webshow Episode 16 Part One and Two....
They are on Youtube.....

It has been an interesting and challenging process starting back at a weight loss far the hardest I have ever done....the funny and refreshing thing about putting it on video?
You lose some vanity.....really.
That is a real nice bonus.

So much stuff has happened since the end of last year.
I feel like I went thru the ringer last month with Rob Roy.
Were we doing it?
Were we not?
Were all of these actors, designers, musicians, stage managers, crew and others ( that I am sure I am misplacing due to the muscle fatigue) going to work or not?
At such a late date we were all on tender hooks....
And then it fell thru.
It was a big shame and disappointment... for everyone.
But then I started to muster my forces.. to get my stuff out there... to sell my show... to work on other ideas....
Oh and I have a big party comin up!

'Sharron's February Sucks Party'
Friday February 27th @
Tallulah's Cabaret @ Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Doors 7:30pm and Show 8:00pm
Call 416 975 8555 for Tix
With 'So You Think You Wanna Be On Sharron's Party' guest....
Trevor Covelli... he sent me an awesome Youtube video!!!
Dora award winning composers of 'Little Mercy's First Murder' and "Tristan'
Paul Sportelli and Jay Turvey and they are bringing the lovely Sara Farb to sing one of their songs.....
Accompanied by the fabulous Lily Ling
What a night.....

I worked with Lily Ling and we had a great time!
She is excellent and full of energy.... and exquisite player.... and 22!!!
Ah, to be 22.
I am gonna make a big announcement at the next party... so keep your ears open.

And while being busy trying to be fabulous ..........
I am putting together and hosting a fundraiser for the dear
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.....
It is huge ....
And full of unbelievable talent....
Some of the best in TO!!
Monday March 9th @ Buddies in Bad Times.....
Here is the effing line up......

Adam Brazier
George Masswohl
Thom Allison
Jamie McKnight
Patricia Zentelli
Paula Wolfson
Damien Atkins
Jenni Burke
Sara Farb
Ari Weinberg
Michael Hughes

Wayne Gwillim
Greg Gibson
Lily Ling
Reza Jacobs

Can you take it?
It is gonna be an awesome night... duets and who knows what else!! many things... so little time... all very exciting.....
I hope that you can make it out my dear bloggers... all four of you!!!

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