Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday, Laptop and Aretha!

Hey All of you people.....How are you this fine Saturday morning?
I am better than I could be...let me tell YOU what!!
It is a miracle that this effing computer....the one I love more than my first knock off even WORKING!
What a day I had...I was rehearsing the musical theatre...and ya know when you just have a day when you CANNOT find a character, a singing voice or talent....well, all those things just eluded me and I was fucking mad and George was trying to calm my high maintenance ass down on the way home....I had some errands to run and stuff to do and lines to to save....ya know...just the basics...and George said " You go an take a half hour by yourself and I will do all these things for you..."
Well, who could ask for anything more...but I still felt like maybe I should go with him to help with the things and all but he insisted I stay home.
So, I was in my quiet termite free and floor refinished...I made a cup of tea and went and sat down and my trusted and loved computer ( how can you tell I am rehearsing a is early for me...I almost spelled that ferry) put the tea down and powered up...went straight to facebook to lurk...and then picked up my tea..which had some condensation on the bottom of the stuck to the table and then as my hand slipped turned and splashed ALL OVER MY PURPLE LAPTOP THAT I LOVE MORE THAN IS APPROPRIATE!
Never a over reactor I started screaming and crying and turning it upside down and looking for a cloth and wiping at it....then, still crying, I ran to find the hair was all dry...on the outside...and it WOULD NOT turn on.
George was so happy when he got home.
Now, not only could I not find a character, a voice or talent AND my entire business was filled with decaffinated green tea.
What would happen?
We went to Patty Zee's house for dinner....lucky her, right? And she googled the problem and told me to resist temptation and NOT turn it on for a whole day.
I did it...I waited...I didn't want to turn it on at all....because the longer I waited the longer there was still hope for a happy ending ( again, I almost spelled THAT word tail).
But after rehearsing yesterday...a day where I ALMOST found a purpose, a voice and my lines...I went home...and stood in front of it....and looked at George...who was clearly looking pinched...and I put my pointing may call it index...but I use that finger more for pointing than indexing, hence the title...I put my pointing finger on the magic button...and it made the special MAC sound....the fancy WAH....and I almost fainted...there seems to be only one small glitch, I may have fried the battery, because the screen goes of when it is unplugged...but I can get that fixed.
Someone likes me...not enough to not have it happen in the first place...but they like me a bit, at least...I will take it...maybe they are opposed to my potty mouth.
Fuck it.

After I made my computer work I went to see Aretha Franklin with a group of WONDERFUL and slightly naughty ladies..yup I said it ...these are ladies who frequented Sharron's Party and have become friends....which is lucky because one of them got squirted in the face with Shoshana's breast milk at the Party...nuff of these wonderful ladies had bought me a ticktet to go with fantastic and just....well, just plain nice.
Aretha was amazing...I didn't know she could still sing like that... had a couple of fave moments....
1. Just before she came onstage....a stage that was filled with a tuxedo'd 20 piece band with back up singers...a tall young man brought her leopard print slouch purse onstage and put it under the piano...the grand piano...then I remembered that she always gets paid in cash before a show...once her whole entourage was at a theatre waiting on the buses...the theatre owner told her he had a cheque and she got back on the bus and went home...the same guy came out after her encore and picked up said purse.
2. She sang "As if We'd Never Said Goodbye" from Sunset was Amazing!!!
3. She sang the CRAP OUTTA "THINK"....
4. She was wearing a watch with her million dollar dress....
5. She had a host of people onstage who saw to her EVERY move...
6. Those ladies and I danced through the whole show....much to the chagrin of those around us.
I cried...I could not believe I was there...I thank you Lady....I won't put her name down here...but I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

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