Sunday, January 03, 2010

Big Boned.

So, I don't usually do two posts in one day but...George went to the Doggie Store to get boots for the Big Dog. Don't laugh and judge you bastards...he has very sensitive feet and the salt hurts his pads.
Anyhow...he was talking to a lady in Beamsville Doggie Store...George not the Big Dog...where he (George again) stopped to escape this bullshit weather...again, people, if it was before Christmas it would be cozy...but now it is just crap...anyhow...the Doggie Store Beamsville Lady found some XXXL sized booties....they are super cutes!!..and George asked her if since he was there was there any coats his size...she told George that he would need to take Tyson (Big Dog) to ....wait for it....HORSE WORLD!!!
Our poor dog needs to go to the animal version of Addition Elle...or the Big and Tall Store.
I think he is emotional eating in the kitchen right now.
And P.S....we are watching "The Rocker" that movie with Rain Wilson from "The Office" ( I loved him best as Arthur on "Six Feet Under") and it is quite funny....two fave lines so far
"Oh Look...a is like a school bus for assholes" and "Look at that seems like Abercrombie and Fitch are making people now."
I am loving this Sunday!!!
Back to talking over the world.

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