Thursday, October 21, 2010

What the eff has happened to me?

I did something today that I have NEVER done in my life.

After I got on the plane to fly to Banff...I am out here doing a workshop of a musical...for 13 days...when the hell does that ever happen!? And for that matter when the hell do I get flown anywhere to be fancy...expenses paid...thank you goddess...ya...I said it....where the hell was I? OH ya.

After I got on the plane to fly to Banff I opened my book (one of those kooky Rebus novels) and realized something...

I had no idea where I was going.

I mean, I knew I was going to the Banff Centre but it had all been arranged by someone else...which, I gotta tell you, fucking rocks...but it occurred to me that the Banff Centre would be quite huge.

Would the driver know where I was going...I trustingly went into the world with no fucking idea where I was going....NOT LIKE ME AT ALL.

But I decided that it would be okay and that I wouldn't worry about it...AGAIN, NOT LIKE ME AT ALL.

I ended up sitting directly in front of some of my Toronto neighbours...nice...was flirted with by a ginger newfie steward (can I say that? It just occurred to me that might not be PC...the steward and/or the newfie part....please advise, all) who's accent was so thick I could barely understand him...he then knocked an entire diet coke in my lap...he moved on pretty quickly after that...and I tried to sop it up in the airplane bathroom....which is so small you can barely take care of your business....if you know what I mean.

Let me say it here...I don't care how quirky your flight staff happy they much they own the fucking company...if you can't wash your hands in the bathroom without getting drenched from the finger bowl sized sink IT DOESN'T count as a good flight experience.

Anyhows...the ride into Banff was glorious...the sun was bright. It doesn't shine like this in Ontario....yes, I said it.

Everyone was very kind to me, getting me to my very nice room.

I looked into the closet and saw two plush white robes hanging up.

I circled them.

I closed the door.

You see people. When I am a bigger girl these robes never fit and I didn't want to squish my joy.

I went and got my artist's card which gives me use of everything here...the gym, the pool, the library...THE LIBRARY!

I went to the Vista, which is the place where one is a really, really, really, nice cafeteria....and I slid my little card through a reader and then there was a will all be happy to know that I managed to control myself.

Buffets are so hard.

The whole room is surrounded in glass....and the glass is surrounded by mountains....I took this pic just outside the doors to the room...

I almost passed out.

So fucking gorgeous.

OH and I still have NO idea who is in the is like theatrical survivor...all the tables were full of artists...I know none of them....a gal named Amy from Detroit sat down at my huge table and struck up a conversation...she is on a self directed writing retreat....holy crap...that sounds AMAZING!!!

I am very excited.

I came back to my super nice room...and opened the closet and pulled out the robe with the same abandon and trust that has ruled this trip thus far.....

Oh yes, It is a good day...

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