Saturday, October 01, 2011

Fall: An ode...

Dear Fall,

It isn't that I don't like you...

Though, I know I have said this in the past...publicly.

But the sweet and honest truth of it is?

I do like you...I like your trees that change their clothes in the a college dorm roommate who has gained the "freshman 15" after eating all that rice pudding in the caf...and doesn't want you to see that their thong doesn't fit anymore.

I like the winds that blow warm and a speech from a passive aggressive friend, who you don't realize has insulted you till 20 minutes after a convo is over.

I like your leaves that fall from trees and then fly the passive aggressive a drunken friend that passes out and then gets up and flails around...and you try to catch them before they fall down and crack their heads open.

I like your sunny skies...that change in a heartbeat to grey, grey skies...that then open up and rain on you...and then hail on you...and then thunder on you...not necessarily in that order...making it cozy to sit inside and just watch the entire season 4 of True Blood with not too much guilt...not TOO much, I judgers.

BUT what I do in Canada...when you are driving from your home for about an hour...from where you almost didn't take your jacket and scarf...and you are in a new and lovely town...and you open your car door....and it is FUCKING FREEZING OUTSIDE... and IT IS WINTER AND WILL NOW NOT BE OVER TILL APRIL....WHICH IS 8 MONTHS AWAY!

I fucking hate THAT.

So, fall...thanks for dropping by...and having a skanky quickie with winter...who them after the sex WOULD NOT leave your is your own fault.



P.S. I have included this photo Shawn Wright from the Urban Barn just in case you are as mad at Fall as I am...and need a laugh.

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