Friday, April 20, 2012

Things I learn on the treadmill...

Things that crossed my mind in the last few days...mostly stuff I learned while working out on the is interesting what a gal can find out while sweating her shit out for 45 minutes....

1. Kim Kardashian was being interviewed on some red carpet for a Red Bull commercial or Double Bubble Gum chewing contest and was talking about how nice it was to have time off from 'work'.  What does this mean, really?

2. It was with great sadness that I see that Kooka Tyra Banks (if you and I have known each other for a guys know how I feel about Tyra) fired her entire talent staff on the America's Next Top Model. 
Miss J=Fired.
Mr. J=Fired.
Any J that was working on the show=Fired. 
'Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker' wasn't even safe=Fired.
The funny thing is (for me, anyway) is that I started to watch the new season today on the good old PVR....and watched 10 minutes and thought, "Oh, well, this shit jumped the shark...again...and Mr. J still has the same 90's hair do....Sharron, it is time to move on." 
Sad times, indeed.
Here is a picture that Tyra posted on her twitter today after she fired all these people.

This is what she wrote in the tweet that accompanied the picture.

@tyrabanks "In vocal booth recording "Coming up on America's Next Top Model" voice overs. there." 

She is classy...and sensitive.
Fierce and Love...Tyra.

3. Only REALLY pretty people can sell houses in REALLY REALLY REALLY pretty people. Who are all being managed by aggressive older people who look related due to the plastic surgery. (I think I might have pointed this out another day but I felt it really needed to be mentioned again.)

4. Today CHCH TV 11, in my fabu hometown of Hamilton, aired 3 minutes of gay porn right after their morning accident. 3 minutes. That seems like a really long time for something to go wrong....or very, very right.

5. A hockey player named Raffi Torres has used his body as a missile and gone for head shots at least 10 times this year...deadly head shots...he actually takes air and aims for the head, it seems. I did some looking around and he has been suspended twice and fined in the last 13 months for the same behaviour...and it is taking 3 days to figure out what to do with him. 3 days is too long to figure it out...3 minutes of gay porn got a bunch of apologies....but three days of deliberation over head shots?  NO APOLOGIES!! TOO LONG!! (And then I had a twitter fight with someone who claims that hockey isn't violent and I am giving it a bad name...yes, me...all by hockey a bad tweet at a time) 
I know...I just talked about would think I was Morleen.

6. There are some very slutty/questionable videos on MTV...mostly starring Rihanna. 
Please, Rihanna, put your pants on...and stop rolling around on the ground...or on a piano...or on a couch...or on a filing cabinet. 

There. I said it.
Have a good day all.

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