Thursday, November 21, 2013

tonight, I open a new the eff?

Back in 2002, I produced my first solo show.
It was called "SNAP" and it was based around a childhood picture that you can see in that red front of that colour TV...on the way to that horrible floral patterned couch.
I did the show for one night at Buddies in Bad Times (that being the beginning of what I could not know at the time would become one of my favourite and most treasured collaborations and places in the world) and it was terrifying.
Truly scary as shit.
It was the first time I tackled scary and sad things that has been a part of my life story. 
It was a changing night.
And then I put it away.
A couple years later I truly began my cabaret career in earnest. There was a lot of the focus..and actually, you will find it hard to believe that this was not my aim at first...on comedy in my work. It was what people really was what they talked about and came back for over and over again...and from a true place of joy... I wrote for fun...for funny...for silly..and every once in a while, I slipped in a "creep" or "stop in the name of love"
And then, last year I came back to my first writings again. 
After traveling the world and seeing so much wonderful art...cabaret, clown work, solo pieces, dance pieces, straight plays, amazing bands, comedians...I saw a wonderful balance achieved in the work that most stirred my silly soul...god, I am waxing all poetic...but let me continue!
These shows or entertainers were soul lifting in their humour and then, conversly, a bit shattering in their darkness. And I left the theatre after these shows so so so so so so so so inspired.
I remember walking down a street in Edinburgh in 2012 and thinking, I need to go back to go forward.
And so, with the help of many people and artists, I started this quest on Full Dark.
All the of the pictures you see above are a part of the story...and tonight...after two workshop readings, it will see it's first full audience.
Tonight, thanks to Michael Rubinoff, I am opening and premiering this show at Sheridan College. The amazing place I have come to in the last couple weeks of rehearsal and exploration (again, thanks to Sheridan College) is that this is STILL a work in progress...HOW EXCITING!! And why not? I am at a place of higher learning!
The last piece of this cabaret/concert/sudo scripted piece...after the wonderful band of Chris Tsujiuchi, Jason Chesworth and Mike Doherty...and the amazing crew of Heather, Jenn, Tristan and you.
The audience is what I need to figure the rest of this shit out. that a word?...ah fuck it... the show is pretty much packed already for the next 10 shows...but there are some seats...and if you are feeling intrigued...if you find yourself wondering, what the fuck is she doing out there...well, come on out...Tonight till the 30th...all the info is on my website.

Anyhow, I feel suitably scared, excited...and lucky. So effing lucky.
Thanks to world. And all who helped me get this far.
And especially to George...who NONE of this is possible without. He is...well. He is.
I can't wait.

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