Friday, October 17, 2014

I wanna know...where were you? What Were You Thinking?

I wanna know people...Where were YOU!? What did YOU THINK? 
Last night, I went to the Soulpepper in the pelting rain, to meet with the young Steve Thomas and younger Brendan Wall in the Tank House, which is the theatre where we will premiere my newest show next week at the Global Cabaret Festival. (THAT is longest run on sentence in the world...) We rehearsed for 5 hours.
I gotta tell you, without being too lordy, that this show is a dream of mine.
So, yes, it is called Prince and Me.
And I know Prince is a pretty polarizing figure...and people really like him or do not like him at all...which is awesome, really.
Who wants to be in the middle? Who?
But seeing and listening to someone like Prince, a person who was exactly who he wanted to be, was pretty life altering for girl growing up in Hamilton at a time when your friends all called each other to find out what the other was wearing to school the next day, because god help you if you stood out...or sang too loud, as Christine (Insert Last Name Here) told me I did one day in choir in G.L. Armstrong Middle School.
Eff that.
The first time I saw him? He was singing this...and I have known EVERY word to every song he has sung since then..
Love him or hate him...where were you when you saw Prince sing Purple Rain? And what did you think?
OH, and this version is in a medley...with Beyoncé because, well...why not?


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