Sunday, February 15, 2015

Full Dark Rehearsal Stills! Feb 11th in the St. Lawrence Centre Rehearsal Hall.

A Cabaret Written and Performed 
by Sharron Matthews

by Andrew Kushnir

Musically Direction and Arrangments
by Steve Thomas

Associate Musical Direction 
by Wayne Gwillim

  Jason Chesworth

 Bob DiSalle

Production Associate
Michael Hughes

Production Stills and Poster Image
Mike Bickerton

February 18th, 19th and 20th
At the Rhubarb Festival
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Stephen King, artists like Usher, Pink, Beyonce, Billy Joel, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Ani DiFranco, Sharron Matthews, Canada’s most traveled and successful cabaret artist, looked into the dark forest, like Little Red before her and decided to leave the path most traveled. On this crazy, thrilling, terrifying musical journey Sharron encounters evil monsters, struggles with fears, revels in sexy/dirty thoughts, searches for her dead father and asks her catholic aunts what they think happens after you die...among the other things one might find in a dark forest. The answers and the discoveries made in the shadows might surprise, uplift, take the breath from you and...maybe scare you...maybe...and will leave you feeling...well, Sharron will talk to you about THAT after.

All rehearsal shots taken in the St. Lawrence Centre Rehearsal Hall on Feb 11th, 2015.


FULL DARK has been FUNDED by the Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, BMO and private funders. Full Dark was presented in it's first incarnation at Sheridan College as a part of their 2014-15 season. Full Dark has been created and workshopped as a part of the Buddies in Bad Times Artist Residency Program.

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