Friday, March 02, 2007

It's Back!!!!

Oh ya......America's Next Top Model.....oh my god.....I hate Tyra yet I have to watch this is a joke that I have heard 100 times yet I still cannot wait for the crappy punch line.
The girls....they kicked out that great girl from the Bronx....who couldn't speak english!!! She was my fave....
Then there is crazy Renee...she about to crack and have a nervous breakdown.......
And all the regulars.... Miss Jay.....he is a man who refers to himself constantly as a did he get by without a blink of the eyes on crazy U.S. Tv???? No one says anything....he was lead onto set ths week by the marines!!!!
Don't ask...don't tell.....but for god sakes do not ask!
And other Jay......who walked out of a gay Ken and Barbie box....because he is the perfect mix of both...I kinda like a friend....I am not an ass.
Then....Tyra....wooooooh...her head isn't gonna fit in a room soon...and she acts like Mother Theresa because she has 2, count em, 2 plus size models on the show.
"Oh thank you Tyra"
All because of that whole "America's Next Top Waddle " deal ....don't pander to us, please....just cause you wanna be current!!!!
Lord , I cannot stand her and there I am ....taping it on the PVR!
And Idol.
Well, I like about 5 of the girls...and the other girls on the show are watching those 5 girls and saying
" Damn...they are awesome...I guess I'll sing Celine Dion"
What? Yes, the best thing to do as a new singer is sing Celine or
And Paula...drunk and had her lips done.
Oh yes....they fill me with the passion.
I think Lakisha had balls tosing "I'm Tellin' You" but no the right ones...I think she was trying to prove what????
She is better that an Oscar nominee?
So what...make your own name, girl!


Junior the Barista said...

My favourite was the girl singing that whacked version of FEELING GOOD that the girl who got kicked off sung. Lord help her. And Paula is completely devoid of meaning. We just yell at the TV whenever she talks. What is IN that Coke?

Kevin said...

Tyra, Tyra, Tyra...I don't even know if there are words for her at this point. She's tryin real hard.
As for Idol seriously that Lakisha girl can sing but she should make it her own its too early to try to prove anything.
There is that one girl the shy one who doesn't know how good she know the back up singer, I like her, she's cute

Sharron Matthews said...

That girl who sang Feeling Good????I actually had to stop watching...really......people eho scat are riding a slippery is NOT for the faint hearted.....I get lost all th time and I don't even scat......I think it best to leave it to the professional jazz singers....they don't try to tell jokes!