Thursday, March 15, 2007


What a show!!!!

What a night!!!!!

The people...Jayne Lewis and Victor Young...I think of them as one of the royal couples of musical theatre....director and writer Mary Francis Moore was back.... playwright Alison Lawrence....promoter Shtephen Shin......artistic director Mitchell Marcus....director Tim just never know who you are gonna see..really!

I had such a great time and loved my dresses and I had straight hair and everyon told me that I looked thin....I think that it was the hair.

We had a whole new design to the room....coolio!

And Zachary Florence just wowed everyone with his composing skills and wit.......

Mr. Lee MacDougall made a stir with his two segments was a comedy bit and he second was a intertretation of one of his short stories......he had everyone spellbound!

I felt very lucky to have them.

So....onward and upwards.

I forgot to mention that youn Kyle Golemba....card bitch extraodinaire is have a cabaret in the Art Bar at the Gladstone!


Sunday, March 25 at 8pm

Gladstone Hotel Art Bar
Gladstone/Queen W
Featuring yours truly ( KYLE!).
Musically directed and accompanied by Adam White.
Special guests...Colleen Sheehan.
Kritty Uranowski.
Bryce Kulak.

A totally fun night of music in a new venue. Check it out!

I do so enjoy him......he is so.....Brad Pitt-y and a great storyteller......I am gonna tell that man my dates in advance.....because if we overlap all of my love will go south pretty fast.

Funny that.

Ya wanna hear my favourite comment from Monday night?

" You are like, Megan Mullaly....and Kristen Chenoweth....with a dash of Trailer Trash."

Hmm.... I took it as a compliment!


Kevin said...

Love the comment, that's too cute. Hope that your feeling better. And as far as the dresses and straight hair that had nothing to do with it. You do look thin, so whatever your doing its working. Like I said your lucky your

Junior the Barista said...

It was a great party - as always. Our little table of bloggers was in heaven. Thanks for the post! I met with Penny today (who's great) and I'm totally stoked. It's looking like we'll add another date in April to encore the show because we're almost sold out! (Tell Patrick!) But back to you, most importantly...the show was a blast! It's always so fun to see what you guys will come up with and you always manage to throw in something out of left field that just floors us. I L-O-V-E-D Grant's number. It was gorge. You're gorge. I'm totally gay for you. :D

karen said...

What Kyle said. :) But seriously...the three of us had such a good time. The shows just keep getting better and better. It's such a joy to come every are fabulous!

And I can't wait for Kyle's show! :)

Gillian said...

The show was SO awesome, Sharron! The crowd was amazing, you and Patrick were amazing and hysterical, as always! And like Kyle said, your little table WAS in heaven. There is really nothing better than your parties - I truly believe that. :)