Thursday, May 17, 2007

Too Fricken long, eh?

Don't Jayne and I have funny faces?
I love this picture....oh dear....have you all stopped reading?
Have you?
Well.....I miss you guys....between sellin the house, movin, goin' to Halifax, starting the workshop at the Mirvishes....I am just wiped....I don't have a thing to say....well..I didn' I am full of piss and vinegar....
The show is coming....
And so it is time again!!!
On Monday May 28th @ the Gladstone Ballroom
1214 Queen West
Sharron's Party
on ON again!
It has been toooooo long!
So much has happened to Patrick and know how it goes....
And they have much to sing.. and tell you... and sing with you and.....Well, you get the "pic", right?
Ya know who is gonna be there?
Rick Miller!!!
You might know him from his international hit show
"Machomer" !!!
And do not forget
"Bigger Than Jesus"...
what will he do?
What will he say...
And we will be announcing the summer line-up...which, I must say, is super exciting!
So, come on down....ya know...
doors @ 7:30pm and show at 8:00pm
and FUN
ALL the Damned time.
...only $15

And....besides that there is my happiness that summer is here....I have actually been auditioning for TV and Film...who knew....and whew....just writing that exhausted me....
I am doing a workshop of a musical version of
between you and I am the other million people on the internet....
I think that it is gonna be good!!!!!
REal good!
Best script I have worked on in a new is very exciting....
I am working with he lovely Camilla Scott and the fantastic Karen LeBlanc and the still almost bald Adam Brazier....he does love that facebook!
Oh ya....
There is something new on the YOUtube....check it out!


Kevin said...

Welcome home
we definitely miss you
can't wait to the show
needing alittle sharron's party
to brighten my month...
see you soon

Junior the Barista said...

Good for you on the bittergirl - that rocks! Can't wait. Love that book. Amazing.

CAN'T WAIT FOR THE PARTY! Trekkin' it back from Barrie again. It'll be my last party til the fall...sadness. So excited!

Sharron Matthews said...

Oh you nice tohear your computer voices....

karen said...

Your readers are very faithful; your blog is always on my internet reading list, even when I'm on a sketchy internet connection in Europe. :)

Glad things have been going well for you; the workshop sounds fantastic!

I still can't believe we're missing the next just doesn't feel right! :) We'll make up for it and cheer extra loud at June's...and we'll be there in spirit, anyway. ;)

j. said...

Great show last night! And way to rock the outfits!

I had to write a quick something about your Spiderman 3 comment...I totally, totally agree with you about the musical. When I give reviews to my non-musical theatre going friends (ie Straight dudes) I tell them that most musical theatre is not as retarded as the opening act of Spiderman 3.

And the less said about the barroom dance number the better. That was crud and I sprained my eye rolling it at the movie screen!

Pirates of the Carribean is so much more fun!

And a night at Sharron's party is even more FUNNER!!