Sunday, July 01, 2007

History, BOYS!

Just am sitting in on Canada Day with my broken boob and have a few thoughts....

Will I ever be as rich as those naughty Princes?

Don't they just look naughty?

Especially Harry....he looks like he's tossed a few serving wenches in the barn....oh is 2007....some blondie mean-girls in the pub bathroom....that is better!

Nelly Furtado Pretty.

Rod Sterwart....lucky as a motherfucker.....loved watching his old thing in the concert!

Little disappointed that Ricky Gervais couldn't stall for a couple minutes....doesn't he know what a rousing version of a sing-a-long Footloose would do?

"History Boys".


With the Di concert, "History Boys" and yesterday watching "The Queen"...I am feeling a tad british...been poncing around the flat speaking in a dialect to Otto....whose breath smells like the Royal Winter Fair.

1 comment:

karen said...

I love "History Boys"!

(I didn't see any of that concert, by the way, but I do agree that a Footloose sing-a-long always makes things more enjoyable...)

And, seriously, could your dog be any cuter?!