Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mary Kay and Party and.....tired!

Thanks Erika for this shot!!!!
Well, I had a great time at the Party!
We were PACKED again!
I am always amazed at the makes me sooo happy to see the newbies and always happy to welcome back the return "Bitches" with opened-beglamoured-arms!
We had to hire Ari Weinberg as a "Candy Bitch" due to the fact that someone almost go killed with a stray ring pop at the June show.
Nancy Silverman can belt is impressive!
She did a grand job.
Her father Sheldon won a prize for knowing that John Travolta starred in a movie called "Moment by Moment"....and furthermore that he played a character called "Sunset Strip" in same is quite a knowledge.
And Steven Gallagher.....what can you say.....he is one of my all time favourite performers....really.
He sang a song that our friend Neil Bartram wrote for was so lovely....oh boy...I am just gay for him.
And in our crowd.....well the fabulous younguns...always love them.....
Sean Reycraft the writer, Chris Levins the actor.....Paul Hemrond the fabu agent, Dmitry Chepovetsky from Regenesis...ooohh...he brought me huge orange gladiolas....I am probably spelling names wrong...and I am pretty sure that I spelt gladiolas wrong but again people.....spell check is for pussies....Derek Chua, Billy Lake all the way from that young man's name......the Blackman sisters, fabu supporters of theatre large and samll...and yes Kevin...the box office manager of the hair guru Bill .......Thom...of course....Bittergirl and director and my best friend....Mary Francis Moore.....oooohhhh it was a panic!
And then I switch to pink
I went to Mississauga to sing at the Mary Kay conference!
The money that they spend of that evening is mind boggling!
The dresses....they are all at
But I was wainting backstage to start the show with at huge American Idol song the "Mary Kay" fanfare started...and I walked out in a red sequin number from .....where else....Fashion Crimes....and the audience of really.....freaked out!!!
It was quite a feeling......
Then after the show one of my favorite people from highschool snuck backstage to meet me....oh...what a day!
I love you Sue Fields.....Mullholand.......whatever your new name is!
And thanks to Madeline Paul who asked me to do it!
go into the studio to start the CD!


Junior the Barista said...

Sharron, I am so jealous that I wasn't there! I've heard so many great things about the Party. But...opening night kind of took priority over me fleeing PEI to see you. But know that I am being a Bitch all the way from here! :P And a CD? You and Patrick? Colour me excited.

Kevin said...

hey gorgeous

what a night,
you never cease to amaze me
i am sad there are only two left but on to bigger and better things
enter CD here
do tell im very excited
thanks for everything you truly are one in a million

karen said...

A shout-out in your blog! That made my day...maybe even my week. :)

The party was WONDERFUL, as always. I don't know what we're going to do when it's all and Patrick always brighten my month!

CD?? Oooh!