Sunday, August 05, 2007

Beach and Mr. Brightside

Hey Blogging Peeps!
How is the summer shaping up? George is home, so all is happier and fabulous with me....he is tired from all of the.....Halifax-ing....they do know how to get down out there.
And by "get down" I mean party....but I hate saying party like a hoser....ya know.....
Well.....Georgie and I just got back from two glorious days of lying on the beach at Port Dover.....we had such a great time....the weather was great and we swam and ate everything that was deep fried or came in a gotta drink some slim fast for a couple of days!
We showed up at the Lighthouse Festival and snuck around till we found David Nairn and Norm Foster ......then they gave us tickets to the night show of "The Long Weekend".....we actually had to perch on the top of two folding chairs to see the show but we didn't care....we loved it and laughed and then went across the street to a place called Lightning Jacks ....I asked for a Pina Colada because they said those two words alot in the show, and the bartender looked at me like I had ordered a glass of poop......she gave me a cooler that put hair on my chest instead......
Hey...someone wrote to James, who is in charge of all the Youtube stuff, and asked if we could put Mr. Brightside on the site because they were sure that is was in the same show as "Gloria" we must have let me see....I don't remember what is in the last show......this person has my deep admiration and thanks for caring!
And I mean it!!!
Here is the link for anyone who wants to know...

I am off to my dear friend Ryan's wedding tomorrow....he is marrying the very sweet and lovely Kerry.....I have known them both since she was 16 crap ....and he was 21....isn't that sweet!!!!!!
They asked me to sing and I said yes....they are so dear....but don't tell them but I am always a bit afraid of singing at weddings is why.....I am the very best of times.....I mean when am fully rested and everyone is well and I am not on my period I cry watching "So You Think You Can Dance".......( though...can I say....I thought the "Flower Number" by Mia Micheals was a bit much....) am always afraid that I will just become worked up and cry like a baby....and contary to what you all might think about is not always about me....I know!.....surprising. is to hoping that I don't ball like a prom queen.
I do love weddings....the food, the dancing....drinking my weight!

All so exciting!


Junior the Barista said...

LOVE THE YOUTUBE! You so fabulous. Awesome clips - I want more! :D

Mia's flower dance... I feel like she set it up so that no one could say anything bad about it! How can you dis the dance about someone and their dead father? Impossible. If only Neil had been shirtless I may have understood it better. :D

karen said...

It makes me smile to know that you and George have been reuinted! :)

Love the video, by the way...thanks for posting the link! Hope the wedding was wonderful, and I hope you're having a great August.

(And, um, we're totally coming to see you in Brampton on August 28! We're going to bring my mom...she never wants to come to the city, but since it's in Brampton, she said yes. :) I'm so excited for her to finally experience the fabulousness that is the Party!)

j. said...

Boo hoo, Kimball and I were away and missed your latest show. Happy to hear you're having a good summer...boy, Port Dover. Do you get the Golden Glow? No, it's not something's that strangely chalky orange drink from the big shop on the corner.

We finally saw Hairspray. I LOVED it! When you appeared on screen (in the first, like, five minutes :) Kimball and I both gayly pointed at the screen and yelled "There's Sharron!" How gay are we?

Two gays in front of us totally turned at looked at us.


p.s. I loved the movie...but I just did not like John Travolta. What kind of accent was that? Sometimes British, sometimes French? Oops, I left the "ahrn" on!