Sunday, November 18, 2007

Eric Bana was at my movie!

Holt shit!
I mean......HOLY Shit!
I went to see 'Into the Wild' with my dear friend Vicki tonight ( at the Carlton...the smallest movie theatre in the world)....and in walks Eric Bana...The Hulk....the brother in 'Troy' .....Vicki, of course, doesn't remember him and nor does she care....which, of course, drives me insane! Even though she and I saw 'Troy' together.....I turned to her halfway through it , 'Troy' that is, and said "This is a Harlequin romance!" ......she said it wrecked the whole movie for her....anyhow.....she doesn't even remember who he is.
The neat thing is after the movie he walked out front and got on his bike and rode away....he is all environmental! When I mentioned that to Vicki she told me that I was a butthead. She is so unimpressed!
Oh ya....and the movie was great!


karen said...

I love seeing celebrities in person, even if I'm not a fan. Gives me a little thrill. :)

Just wanted to post to say hello and let you know we're still reading, even over here across the pond! We miss you all - hope Wizard of Oz is going well!

Lee said...

Umm, Sharron...this is the first time I've been on here and read your blog, but I must say...I LOVE IT! It's hilarious to read, cause I can actually hear these words coming out of your mouth at one of your shows. Anyway, just thought I'd say I'm reading. Happy Holidays!