Friday, November 09, 2007

Holy Crap!

This was Thom's birthday party at our place!
It was our first party in our new've been here for about 6 months but it still seems new!
What a time we had!
Ed was there, Jenny, Scott ( McFlurry to those in the know), Ejiro, Todd, Lisa, Molly and was a wonderful night.
Bill, the hair guru, had strep throat so he stayed the hell away but was missed!
Thom is always so conscious of other people's birthday ...... he needed some birthday lovin' himself!
George made a full turkey dinner!
It was soooooo good. And in honour of mine and George's Hamilton roots there was a bowl of cranberry sauce on the table that looked like it had been sucked out of the can! Yummy!
Happy Birthday, Thom!
Oh my god you guys...... I hope someone is still reading my blog because so much is happening!

Last night we opened 'Wizard of Oz' at the Lorraine was an excellent night...I was all but booed off the stage....IN A GOOD WAY! It is a such a great pleasure to work there......the staff , the crew and the artistic team....what a dream!
Michael Gianfranceso did my costume.....holy crap!
It is so great that when I enter I just fly on and then give the audience a Tyra Banks pose!
(Fuck, I hate that bitch.)
How happy am I to work with the cast I am working with?
Thom...need I say more?
Shawn Wright.....funny and sweet and he makes me gut laugh.
Paul McQuillan.....he is fab in the show and also a gas.
Molly Atkinson.....she and I are Alexis and really.
The Girls....Sacha, Sara and Roz.....I think of them as the younguns but they are older and wiser than I at most times.....and workin' their young asses off..... Sacha has to sing all of her solo with a dog on her lap and she handles it well and it makes the scene very lovely.....I probably would have thrown a diva fit......I would like to think that I wouldn't but I know mysel too well.
Sam Moses.....he is funny and knows alot of good stories and plays a flying monkey!
And is so nice to see my husband everyday and his guard is to die for.
Anyhoops, I hope that you can make it down...people small and great seem to love it!
Check out Richard's Review at

And after a trimphant travel around to some Ontario destinations.....check out the website for the Waterloo Review of the is a scream.........I am coming back to TO for...One Night Only.....One Night Only....That is all I have to spare!
The Diesel called and asked the Party to come on over....How could I resist?
And I don' t know how many of you remember but that is how the Party started.....At Christmas
2 years ago at Buddies in Bad Times...shout out to th peeps at Buddies....I love, love, love Christmas!! So...On December 10th you will see a whole new Christmas show at the Diesel.....check out the Details on the webpage!
And 3 days before that, on December 7th, in my hometown of Hamilton I will be playing the Party at the Westside Concert Theatre....I am totally excited about that as well!
I love my hometown people ....and what with the freakiness of Facebook I have just reconnected with a whole bunch of people from there...all good, thank god....ya know how that goes!
Who will show up to take the wind out of me?
Who knows!!!!!
Here is an article written by a fave of mine, Gary Smith, who has been helping my career along since the start.......

Can you get over all the fricken' press!
I can't... I am very happy about it...cause I want to sell both of those dates out!!!!!
Other than that...George and I are still in our PJ's for the first time in weeks.
The days off have been devoted to promoting and doing the Kingston they seemed to have a great time!....and in Waterloo I said 'motherfucker' pretty much right away and they loved it! I will be going back to the same venue for New Years!
I also just ate a whole bag of Chips and Dip!
um.......oh...I feel a bit sickie.

We watched Next Top Model last night....hmm....they sent away the 'fat' girl......she was not fat....and she is super pretty ....prettier than some of those other skeletal bitches....and that Bianca......ahhh.
Sometimes, I get that feeling that I want to take the worlds biggest pillow and slam across peoples' heads.....Tyra, Elizabeth Hasselbesk, Bianca......a girl from the show 'Whistler' who I saw on an episode of 'Diary' on MTV.....her name was Amanda and she could not have been more infuritating......yes, I sometimes watch MTV....ya gotta keep up with the young'uns....
Oh.....Life is nice!
I hope that you are all well......

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KYLiE said...

Sharron! So awesome to hear/read about everything. That Hamilton article is fantastic! Congrats on it all! Can't wait to see OZ and I am *definitely* coming to the Christmas Party! I missed all the parties of the summer, but then I got your Christmas Party e-mail...who died and went to heaven?


Can't wait!