Monday, October 22, 2007


We went to New York on vacation.....after 2 years we got to go away together, George and I....we had three days and I tell you ....we filled it up!!!!
I was so freakin' excited I could barely take it!
George bought us tickets to Spring Awakening....ahhhh.....and we were gonna play it by ear otherwise....and we did.
We went to see tons of cabaret, we met tons of people we knew....I will talk about it more when I ain't all pooped out from playing the WWOTW.....awesome fun that too.
I also popped into Kyle Golemba's cabaret @ the Gladstone was fab......lovin' that Allie Hughes.
He has the great ideas with the follow through and has the talent to back it up...Kyle that is....and he is cute as a fricken button!
Lovin' doin' the show at the Lorraine Kimsa.
It is one of my best professional experiences so far, my friends....who knew?
We laugh alot.
And it is around the corner from my house...who could ask for anything more?
Those fabu Blackman sisters, two of the biggest supporters of theatre in Toronto and surrounding environs are moving to England....they will be sorely missed by this girl, I must say.
I wish them the best!

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karen said...

I love your NYC pictures...and I'm so glad you had a good time! The first thing we're planning to do when we get back from England is go to New York...we'll be in such withdrawl by then. :)

Can't wait for The Wizard of Oz! So much fabulousness all on one stage... ;)

And wow, thank you for that...that's so incredibly sweet. We are going to miss you all like crazy. Obviously there is only one solution - everyone has to come visit! :)