Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Beatles Night!

I know I say this often but.................
Oh, what a night!
I love doin' benefit type things !
Most anyway...but this was just all too awesome!
The cast of people was dreamy....
Steve Gallagher, EJ Scott, Patricia Zentilli, Thom Allison.....MY HUSBAND!!!!.....Jennifer Stewart, Kyle Blair, Dean Armstrong, and Joe Matheson...
And we sang Beatles was a great night put together by Mitchell Marcus, who's youth just frightens my ass...I have shoes older than that boy....but he has his shit together and is producing some of the most interesting and comtemporary music theatre in Toronto!
And the MD of the evening?
Look out people...for a man named Reza Jacobs....he was quite thrilling to work with. His ideas were new and his enthusiasm was infectious....I think this man is on his way to some place......and a good place @ that!
Everyone was wonderful but I would like to point out some of my favourite moments of the evening....
Steve G starting the show screaming ( in a awesome rock and roll way) 'ST. Pepper'...that boy is in a club that I think I belong to ....
( someone else said this joke...I cannot take credit)
the ' I-really-deep-inside-think-I-am-black' club.
That man has got some pipes!
My honey singing the pop tune ' Day in the Life'....I love it when Georgie sings makes me giggle-ie.
He so handsome.
Patricia Zentilli sang a version of 'Strawberry Fields' that just blew me was so honest and pure.....I went from 'wow' to' Wowie' to 'Jealous' to ' I am past jealous and just impressed'.....that was alot of emotions to got through in one song, let me tell you!
I cannot wait to see her in 'Little Shop' @ Canstage.
EJ....she is just the bomb.....both of her songs ( 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' and 'Something') were so original and dynamic...gotta buy her albums!!
My fave of the whole night was Thom singing 'Lady Madonna' was...just luminous.
What a night we had!
The audience was sold out and I had a drum solo in my tune!!!
What more could you ask for?

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karen said...

The show was so incredible - I felt so privileged to be there! You guys all kicked so much was SUCH a great night!