Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Friend Thom.....

Now....this wasn't what he was wearing at Statlers tonight....this is what he wore when we went to the zoo.....doesn't he look cute?
Tonight, Thom did a cabaret at the new Statlers...nice room by the by.....
It was packed my friends....PACKED!
Thom did 3 sets.....yup.....3....that is 36 songs....full-the-fuck-out!
He rocked....
he sang 'Gorgeous', 'Miss Celie's Blues' and ' I Am Changing' to name but a few.
He told stories and had an awesome theme 'Past, Present and Future'....he was just stellar!
Can anyone sing like him?
I was sitting with my friend Ed Sahely, the funniest guy in showbiz and Jonathon Wilson, who is so creative.... and I turned to them at one point and I told them that I felt like I was in New York.....oh I hope the days of cabaret are here to stay.
It was AWESOME!!!!


Kevin said...

I agree with you 100% Sharron.
He was amazing.
That voice he makes it seem so effortless.
Was great to see you and George there.
Have a great weekend

p.s my favorite song on the CD is don't stop long note gives me goosebumps everytime i hear it

karen said...

That picture is priceless.

Thom's show was so great...his voice is breathtaking. I really hope the days of cabaret are here to stay, too. There are SO many amazingly and uniquely talented people in Toronto who deserve to have the chance to shine like that and share that talent with everyone!