Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Party's Over.......

How tiny is this picture....I am still too tired to make it any bigger....I tried some others...but god bless you all who took them......the angle was bad for my ego or they were, believe it or not....smaller.
Oh my.......I cannot believe that we are done at he Gladstone....I say that with sadness and a bit of creative relief.
I look forward to utilizing all of the material that I have written and songs that were arranged for the version that will be on the road and that we will bring back to Toronto to a bigger theatre.....Yes my friends....that is the plan.....I am gonna use the road to finesse and then the Party will re-emerge when you least expect it....
Woo hoo.
But back to the night of September 17th....
What a NIGHT!
We were so worried about everyone fitting but, of course, in the back of my head 'what if no one came'?
Well, Sean from LKTYP was in line reading the Now mag at record and I love him for was very soon after that the line started to grow and by 7:00pm it was around the corner... 'Sharron's Bitch' t-shirts were everywhere!
At 8:00pm they came and told me....well 'they' was George....that I couldn't come down yet because they were still letting people in....2 at a time....and it was too many people for me to go down and say 'hi' to at this late time.....I always love that.....
But it was 230 people. read that right!
And we decided that this night would have not guests and be all Me.
Patrick and I would celebrate the two years and then show the audience and ourselves what it would be like on the road.
It was cool.....I did three songologues.
One was the first I wrote ....called 'My Name is Sharron Matthews and I love Britney Spears' and another was called 'Highschool Dancing' and it has me ending with 'I Will Survive'....
Ending with a disco tune never fails....
It was an amazing many faces that I love and so many that have been such wonderful supporters.....
I felt very blessed and proud.
The CD Party Girl was released and we sold almos 100 copies!!!
Woo Hoo!!!!
I am really proud of it.....Patrick produced it and did a wonderful job.
And now.....on to the new life of 'Sharron's Party' and whatever is next.....I am very excited and have a whole bunch of new ideas rolling around my head...who knows what I will do next...but one thing is for sure.....the Party will keep on going.
On Monday September 24th I am doing a show called
' A Little Help From My Friends'
for Mitchell Marcus.....
Here is the webpage.......
So, check that out....
George is in it and Thom and Steve name a few.....
and October the 11th I am in Kingston...check out my website.....
And the next day I start 'Wizard'
So, I am movin' on out.....but to where?
That is the exciting part.
Don't stop reading Bloggers....we are just beginning.


Kevin said...

That was the best party by far.
I mean you looked amazing and the songalongs, the jokes, good lawd what a that won't soon be forgotten by many im sure.
Thank you for everything you have done for the last two years.
It was truly a pleasure to be there with you along this journey.

So as for telling us to keep reading, we aren't going anywhere.
Here's to the new journey your about to embark.
Were with you every step of the way

p.s I have an order for another CD can you have some available on friday night???

karen said...

Congratulations on the album and the amazing turnout for the last show! I wouldn't have missed it for the world; it was a wonderful, wonderful night.

Good luck with all of the shows on the road (we're going to try to maybe come to the Waterloo one in October, just for one last taste of the Party...:)) and I'm so excited for the Beatles show on Monday!

And, just as Kevin said, the bloggers wouldn't ever stop reading. :)