Monday, June 09, 2008

Part Two......Backstage with the Divas...

Here is part two!!!
Oh those Divas.....
Next up?
A new segment with a friend and awesome colleague .... He is my fave!!!
Who is it?
Who can it be????

1 comment:

Meesh said...

"ba da ba ba... so you think you can.. DANCE"

I. Love. That. Show.

How did you miss the first season?!?! OMG... it was awesome. They've all been awesome!!

That hoochie mama teacher has got. to. go. WTF????

There is no HOT ballroom boy this year though. :sadface:

Don't you just fucking love Mia Michaels!? (nice potty mouth on me!)
now, for moment, think back to our dance teachers...
now fall over in fits of hysterical laughter!

wait... how many years behind me were you? You might have not had the same experiences as I. Hell... Rod Maxwell choreographed things when I was there!!! BWAHAHAHA!