Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Biathlon or Poo.

This may not be something that has ever crossed your mind....but, for some bizarre reason, it did mine.
We were watching the end of the Men's Biathlon yesterday.
Let me say first off...I have the greatest respect for these athletes....I am sure that they work like dogs.
The end of the race was an uphill sprint...on cross country skis...with a gun on your back....after skiing and and shooting...for 10 Kms.
The guys who were racing each other at the end ALL had drool running out of their mouths...their wide open mouths... as they pushed themselves over the finish line and then promptly smushed their spittle covered faces into the ground...along with the rest of their bodies.
All I could think of was when I was 12 and my family got cross country skis and we went skiing.
On my first hill...uphill....I was halfway up and I wished that I was dead.
As we watched all those people laying on the ground I said to George...
"If I was offered a million dollars and I had two choices....one was to spend 4 years training to compete in the winter biathlon and the other was to sit in a pile of poo for a week....I think I would choose the poo."

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