Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Halle- Berry-lujah!

Okay, may I start with my favourite new phrase...holy crap doodles!
I was driving to Staples to photocopy...again...the people who work there all yell, "Hi Sharron!" when I walk Norm from Cheers....alright young people...that was a popular sitcom from the 50's.
Some kid asked me who STING was last month. Jesus wept.
What was I sayin'?
Okay, so I am in my SUV, that no one will buy, driving to the Staples and I turned on the radio because I like to keep current with the popular music for my all important work...and the radio announcer said..."Alright, here is the NEWEST version of Hallelujah coming up?"
The newest version?!?!?
Oh for craps sake... it was all effing self indulgent and slow and whiny..oh my dog.
And for the record...I have been wanting write something about this song for a while but the spelling daunts me...I had to go to my dictionary and figure that shit out.
I remember it like this now Halle(Berry)Loo-Ja(Rule).
Sometimes to be good at one thing you must let go of for spelling.
Let us all imagine KD's version from the opening ceremonies...and eff you judgers...she WAS SINGING LIVE!
I just now realized that KD is like Kraft Dinner.
God, I am hungry.

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