Monday, March 01, 2010

An Olympic Thought

I love the Olympics.
I didn't get to watch them much this year, and that was a sad turn of events...but I liked even knowing that they were happening. Kinda like how when I was growing up I might not have seen my Grama all night because she was holed up in her room doing macrame but I knew she was in the house and that made me feel safe and warm.
I would sit in front of our stereo/tv console for the whole two weeks ...two in the summer and two in the winter..,when the summer and the winter games would happen in the same year...that feels like a million years ago now!
Do you guys remember that?
I recall feeling a bit dejected that we NEVER seemed to win any medals...not as many as Russia...
Watching what I could of these Olympics...though I would rather sit in a pile of poo than do any cross country skiing event...I felt involved and felt like Canada had done something special. I know you are all saying "Well, duh, Sharron." But it beats mentioning again that we went from NEVER winning a gold medal on our own soil to winning the most gold medals by a host country. I mean, COME ON!
During the eighties Canadian organizers and coaches talked on and on about how we needed to invest in these communities and local governments...federal governments and companies...and it happened ...and we are finally seeing the fruits of all of that funding and attention.
All I can think this...what if we did the same thing for the arts in Canada?
Imagine what we could accomplish.

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