Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Canada Sang, People!

Canada Sings...and cries...and dances...and transforms...and laughs...and sometimes looks pissed off...and almost always overcomes...and does so so so so so many things.

It has been too effing long, my friends...I haven’t written in two months...and it has been two months since I started this show in earnest.

Anyone who hasn’t been to my page in the last two months...I shot a TV show.

Holy crap.

I have NEVER done anything like this before...and the results have been astounding...they have been winding...and have made me take a knee on a daily basis.

Canada Sings.

So, here is the deal.

There are two choreographers (Christian Vincent and Kelly Konno) and two vocal coaches (Scott Henderson and myself)...we get split into two artistic teams and then we go into work places such as....are you ready?...Scarborough General Hospital, The Keg, Lone Wolf Real Estate Tech., Air Canada, Just Energy, Toronto Fire Fighters, Hamilton Police, Good Life Fitness, Boilerhouse Restaurant, Earl Hamber Public School, 1-800-Got-Junk and the Toronto Zoo...and teach their people a number...most of these people have never performed before.’

Then they compete against another team for $10,000.00, which goes to the charity of their choice.

And it is a fully staged, costumed and musically tracked number. On a huge stage...for celebrity judges..oh ya, and for the people of Canada...who will watch it on Global.

Oh yes, and ALL of these people continue to work at their jobs during the process....SO! They work all day and rehearse all night.

I don’t know what I thought it would be when I accepted the job...I actually didn’t know because it was a new show.

But it sure turned out to be...well, something else.

I am sitting in my new place in Stratford (my agent thinks my life is over because I moved to the country) and am looking back over the whole experience with a fabulous mixture of shock, awe, disbelief, excitement and sadness.

Oh I have learned so very much...and I say that without one ounce of sarcasm...which is hard for me, as you know.

I can honestly say that this has been one of the best experiences of my life...and after “Love, Loss” and the World Domination Tour...that is saying a lot.

It is true.

I started this gig trying to fit the people into the number and I finished trying to fit the number on the people...and what people.

My god...these people worked hard and I feel humbled by their dedication and tenacity...and heart...such a great deal of heart...and all for charity.

I think the show is going to be fucking awesome...yup...I said it....and I also said that a number of times on the show...I wonder how much I will be bleeped....many times, I hope.

Lord, I swore like a sailor.

I honestly don’t know how to tell you all about it in one blog....I think watching the show might help. It is supposed to air in August, as of right now...

I want to thank all of the crew...here I go...please god let me not forget anyone....

Team Bickerton

Mike, Matt, Siobhan, Craig, Homer, Dan, Booker, Leeanne, Chris, David, Kal, Ryan, Phillip, Rob, Aaron, Marla, Peter and Rachel.

Chris...thank you for making my week....

Team Riley

Maureen, Topher, Jacqueline, Patrick, Jason, Johnnie, Matt, Darcy, Andrew, Eric, Joel, Devo, Chris, Jessie, Don, Mark, Chris and Ben.

And all the people at Insight...from the fabulous and amazing John and Barb to the awesome Mark (magic...it is magical, Sha Sha), Heather (who cast my ass), Erinn (who is editting my ass), Julietta (who cleared the songs for my ...yes...alright...ass) Tina, Alex, Stephen, Lori, Sue and Lindsay (who pays my ass)! (THANKS FOR THE FLIP CAM!!! I WANT TO SEND YOU A QUESTIONABLE VIDEO).

To Gigi and Adreano ( I know I spelled that wrong)...who made me feel like one billion bucks the last week...the hair and make up of my dreams. And Mel’s hair and make up team who made our groups feel like royalty.

Gigi and Adreanno do me up!

I want to put out a special thanks to Lisa Williams, who costumed THE ENTIRE show. And when I called her in a panic, right at the beginning and said “All I want to do is look and feel awesome.”...did exactly that. And her crew...Casey, Sarah, Paul...the THREE SISTERS (please forgive me SIS’....I don’t want to get one name wrong, so I am not attempting any of them...I don’t want to cause a family rift)....you, all of you, made this show look so beautiful.

And Matty, who led myself and Christian around with such care for 4 days of ABSOLUTE CRAZINESS. Thank you so much.

To Scott and Kelly...you talented sons of bitches...though we were competing against each other (remember the day we stopped talking on the communal board...all I could think was, “IT IS ON, PEOPLE!”) sitting with you guys last week was some of the most enjoyable time I have spent (although that first day was a fucking killer).

The Artistic Teams for Canada Sings WEARING those outfits!

ORIN ISSACS...you effing rock. Your tracks rock. Your support was invaluable...and I loved it when you called me “doll”. And when you sang...ah, when you sang.

And to our teams...Scarborough Hospital, Lone Wolf, Just Energy, Hamilton Police, Boilerhouse and Got Junk...you humbled me with your talents and drive...really.

Lastly, I would like to thank Christian, who, in our very first phonecall, told me he had my back and then NEVER disappointed. What a talented, forthright, honest man. Saying goodbye to him was like saying goodbye to a brother. I hope we get to do this again for many reasons, the biggest is so that we can go to breakfast in the morn when we are away from TO. I do not, do not, want to lose touch with you, my friend. I loved working with you, you are amazing.

Christian and I in Vancouver take a skype call on a break.

Alright, those of you who weren’t on the show....who skimmed till here...thanks for reading my love letter to Canada Sings.

I feel so lucky to have worked on this show...I can’t wait to watch it from the kitchen as my husband tells me how it goes...I am sure I said MANY questionable things...it was lovely to just be myself...and not learn lines...WHAT COULD BE BETTER!?!?

Oh wait...and the last day I had my pic taken...with a WIND MACHINE!!!!

Scott, Kelly, myself and Christian work that effing WIND MACHINE! Closer
Taken by the always handsome BICKERTON!

Okay, so I am giving myself a couple more days and then I am back at it.

Goodbye Canada Sings...hopefully, till next time.

Be well all!

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