Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sublime meet Ridiculous.

And just when I was feeling fancy....

I got sent an email today asking if I wanted to audition for a commercial to a hamburger.

Not that I am above it...not at all...I will always do what it takes to pay the mortgage people!

I just love that you can go from striding towards a wind machine to possibly dueting with 98% Real Canadian Beef in 6 days.


Not for the faint hearted.

What is my motto, you may ask?

Some of you already know...but for those who don't...

Dear Younguns, Before you start feeling all are always one phone call away from wearing a banana suit, handing out flyers.

So keep keepin' on.


Sharron (Almost the 98% Real Beef Lady)

1 comment:

Beefman said...

So, like, you're gonna do the Beef commercial, eh?